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E3.06 | Using Branded Content to Your Benefit

TweetShareSharePin Melanie Deziel, Co-Founder and VP of Marketing at GroupUps, discusses all things content and how it can be used to promote your practice. Featured ...
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adding charity to your practice

Adding a Charity to Your Practice

There are obvious reasons for incorporating a charity into your practice. Whether you want to make ...
choosing blog topics

Choosing Blog Topics Your Patients Are Searching For

The topics you want to talk about often seem quite different from topics that are most ...
landing page

What Is a Landing Page?

A landing page is a measurable way of knowing if your marketing efforts are working and ...
orthodontic marketing fails

Orthodontic Marketing Fails to Avoid

Marketing your practice may seem like a daunting task. However, if you avoid these orthodontic marketing ...
marketing content

How to Repurpose Marketing Content for Your Practice

A major reason why most blogs or online presences are left behind is purely due to ...
apple maps for orthodontist

Does Your Practice Look Positive on Apple Maps?

Have you ever gone on Apple Maps to scroll around looking for potential parks or restaurants ...
fake reviews

Does Your Orthodontic Practice Have Fake Reviews?

As an orthodontic practice, you know reviews can help or hurt you when it comes to ...
orthodontic practice with a baby

Practical Tips for Opening an Orthodontic Practice While Preparing for a Baby

By Eleanor Wyatt, Remote Work Wellness   If you are expecting a new baby, you have ...
leads database

Why Every Orthodontist Needs a Leads Database

As an orthodontist, you might not exactly think of yourself as a salesman; your practice is ...


Learn more about the browser-based practice management system, Cloud 9 Software.

Cloud 9 Software Acquires ToothFairy LP

On August 1, 2022, Cloud 9 Software, the leading provider of cloud-based practice management systems for orthodontists, pediatric dentists, and dental/orthodontic service organizations, acquired ToothFairy ...

WildSmiles: Where the Stars Align

What child or teen wouldn’t want to personalize their braces? Offering ligatures ...
Greyfinch New Patient Hub.

Offering Patients the Online Convenience They Expect

Today's orthodontic patients, and even the parents of orthodontic patients, are surrounded ...
Learn more about the browser-based practice management system, Cloud 9 Software.

Rebranding of an Orthodontic Practice Management System

Branding is important to any business, whether it’s an orthodontic practice or ...

AAO 2023 Annual Session
April 21, 2023

The American Association of Orthodontists (AAO) will hold their 2023 Annual Session in Chicago, Illinois. Additional details and registration information will be updated when available….

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PCSO 2023 Annual Session

Conference attendees can expect impactful educational sessions for doctors and their teams, ...