Orthodontic Marketing Fails to Avoid

Marketing your practice may seem like a daunting task. However, if you avoid these orthodontic marketing fails, you can be on your way to successfully promoting your orthodontic practice.

Talking about the features of your products and services instead of how they can help the patient

You’ve got a great staff and offer the latest innovations in orthodontic treatment. Who can blame you for wanting to brag about it? However, when you just focus on what you have versus what you can offer a potential patient, you’re not speaking to their individual needs.

Not targeting the right audience 

You probably have a good idea about who your ideal patients are, but there may be a disconnect between the audience reading your blog and the people you want to walk in your door. Make sure you’re speaking directly to your patient base—people in the right geographic area potentially looking for the treatment you offer.

Not finding your target audience where they hang out 

Perhaps you already have a stellar marketing plan, highly crafted blog posts, and great content that will speak to your target audience. However, none of that matters if you’re not posting where your target audience will see it. Find your target audience where they already are, whether that be on Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, or TikTok. Instead of spreading your content too thin, focus your efforts where you know your potential patients like to hang out.

Not following up with leads that don’t become patients

When your marketing campaign brings someone to your practice, make sure you are following up with them. Just getting someone in your door isn’t enough, you need to follow up with warm leads through email marketing, follow-up calls, and special offers for people who came to the office but didn’t start treatment.

Not marketing often enough

The key to successful marketing is consistency and frequency. Make sure you’re rolling out high-quality content constantly. You are always competing for your target audience’s attention, which means frequent reminders are needed to help future patients remember all the great services you offer.

Not using your entire team as marketers 

In the age of social media, everyone can become a marketing superstar. Everyone on your staff helps in running your successful practice, and a part of this is helping promote your practice. Potential patients will connect more with your content if it’s more people-focused. Try spotlighting a staff member on your blog, utilize staff photos and videos for social media content, and offer incentives to your staff for promoting the practice in a positive way on their own social media channels. When it comes to marketing, it really does take a village.

Not checking in to see what’s working

Digital platforms offer a gold mine of data and analytics to see what posts or strategies are speaking to your target audience. Never just post and forget it. Once you post your content, it’s important to watch how it trends and how your audience interacts with it. 

You shouldn’t just stop at post analytics, though. Always make sure to ask for referral sources from new patients. If a large number of new clients are coming from a particular referral source, you should reward that loyal customer or dentist office so they continue spreading the word. If a lot of your new starts are coming from online advertising, increase your budget and continue running the ads that are generating these leads.

The best way to avoid these mistakes when it comes to marketing for your orthodontic practice is to leave it to the pros. At OrthoSales Engine, our team of marketing pros will make sure your message is reaching your target audience, resulting in new patients walking into your door.

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