What Is a Landing Page?

A landing page is a measurable way of knowing if your marketing efforts are working and if you’re reaching your intended audience. The page lives on your website as a dedicated space for your leads to—you guessed it—land on. Users are most often driven to a landing page through either email marketing, organic searches or paid advertising efforts, and they are a key component in optimizing your website for search engines. They include a call-to-action and urge readers to visit your site for more information, claim an exclusive offer, or to sign up for some sort of opt-in or service. 

While having landing pages as part of a content strategy is critical for any business, it is especially beneficial for specialized industries like orthodontics. The digital age has made competition stiffer than ever, and users can browse your business and make a decision with the click of a button. To remain relevant and capture contact information from potential patients, incorporating landing pages as part of your marketing efforts is a no-brainer.

Landing Pages and New Patient Leads

At first glance, a landing page may seem like just one more step between someone learning about your practice and scheduling an appointment, but it actually serves a couple very important purposes.

Provides the most important information to the visitor. When someone sees your ad, chances are they won’t then visit every page on your site to learn everything about you. With a properly written landing page, they don’t have to. Because a landing page is specific to an ad or email, it can talk about all of the topics that are most important to the visitor in one place. They can learn more about the promotion (if there is one), the treatment option that interests them, your team, and what your patients have to say about you without having to search your entire website.

Gives you the ability to follow up with a lead as often as you want. Sure, it’s easier for someone just to call your office to schedule an appointment instead of filling out a form and having someone call them back. But if they don’t show up, you don’t have any way to follow up with them other than phone calls. Once someone fills out a form on a landing page, you have their email address that you can use to nurture them through emails about additional offers and information about your practice.

Shows exactly where the lead came from. Team members in a busy orthodontic office often don’t have time or forget to ask where someone heard about your practice. Even if they do ask, the potential patient might give a vague response, like “online,” or “social media.” With a landing page, you can track exactly where they heard about your practice and know which marketing efforts are working and which aren’t. You can then use this information to fix or eliminate the methods that aren’t effective and continue to use the ones that are.

At Ortho Sales Engine, our team has experience in finding and nurturing leads for successful practices. We can craft a landing page with a clear call to action that results in a lead at worst, and a new patient at best. Contact us today to see how we can help grow your practice.

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