Does Your Practice Look Positive on Apple Maps?

Have you ever gone on Apple Maps to scroll around looking for potential parks or restaurants to visit in a specific area? If the place had good reviews and plenty of nice-looking pictures, it must have made your decision easier, right? Future new starts are doing the same thing. Potential patients are now turning to Apple Maps to scope out potential orthodontic practices. 

In the past, Apple Maps has relied on customers and third party platforms like Yelp to list business information, photos, and reviews. Now Apple Maps gives you the option to claim your business so you can be in charge of making sure the information is correct and the app puts your practice in the best light.

For iPhone users who frequently use Siri, your phone’s personal, virtual assistant, if they ask Siri for the best orthodontist near them, the rating on Apple Maps will place a huge role in what practice Siri will answer with.

How to List your Practice on Apple Maps

First, you’ll need to register your practice with an Apple ID. From there, you can claim your business and start managing your practice’s profile on Apple Maps.

When people are searching for an orthodontic practice in their area, they can order the search results to include the highest rated ones first. That is why it’s important to keep an eye on your ratings. It’s also a good idea to encourage your patients to give you a review on Apple Maps.

Think of your business listing on Apple Maps as a mini webpage. Be sure to update your Maps page with your latest hours and what holidays your practice will be closed. Make sure other pertinent information such as phone number, address, and website link are all correct as well. 

After you’ve claimed your practice and made sure all of the basic information is right, make sure your profile has three to five photos that put your practice’s best foot forward. Clean, professional photographs of your office’s waiting room, practice rooms, group photos of your welcoming team, or pictures showing happy patients helps to sell the story of your practice. 

Apple Maps for Multiple Practice Locations

If you have an orthodontic practice with multiple locations, you can register all of your practices with one Apple ID and still manage each listing. It’s important to make sure the information for each of your practice locations is correct. If you have webpages for each of your practice locations, make sure they are correctly listed on Maps. It is also a good idea to not use the same photographs for each location. Make sure your pictures show off each unique location so your customers don’t get confused.

Claiming your business on Apple Maps has plenty of benefits which can lead to you landing patients you may have not been able to reach otherwise. Managing this presence along with all the other ways your practice shows up online can be overwhelming. Let the team at Ortho Sales Engine manage everything from your practice’s social media presence to SEO.

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