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Can AI Help Grow Your Orthodontic Practice?

In some way, every industry imaginable has continued to evolve as new developments arise on the digital landscape. Technology has become an integral part of our everyday lives and has continually shown up in exciting and unexpected ways. The field of orthodontics is no stranger to progressing in tandem with technological advancements. Artificial intelligence is one of the newest trends practitioners have begun to utilize in their practices. Take some time to digest digital developments that may help grow your orthodontic practice.

In-Person Appointments as Needed: DentalMonitoring

Progressive orthodontists have started incorporating remote treatment tracking systems into their repertoire. The technology, known as DentalMonitoring, was developed by a company in Paris and has rapidly spread to the U.S. The smartphone-based system uses a dental retractor and a receptacle called the ScanBox to hold the phone. An application helps guide the patient in taking a series of photos of their mouth. Once the snaps are uploaded into a database, they are then analyzed by artificial-intelligence powered algorithms. The scans, which take approximately one minute, are used to notify orthodontists of any potential problems that would require an in-person appointment.

With DentalMonitoring, patients are able to get the level of care required for exceptional orthodontic treatment from the comfort of their own home. The innovation eliminates the annoyance of scheduling appointments and caters to individuals who may not have the time or resources to make it into the office as often as is required. 

Domo Arigato, Dr. Roboto: AI-based InBrace

InBrace’s teeth-straightening technology first shook up the startup world in 2021. The ingenious invention appeals to two cultural must-haves: video communication and streamlined processes. The artificial-intelligence based braces offer an alternative to traditional braces and clear aligners alike; the “Smartwire” device is customizable to each client’s smile and automatically works with their prescribed treatment plans. 

Installed in brackets behind each tooth, the wire provides a continuous pressure (known as Gentleforce) to move a patient’s teeth autonomously. The robotic orthodontist can work unsupervised for up to several months, eliminating the annoyance of frequent in-person appointments and making treatment more convenient for the patient.

After Pictures Before Treatment: iTero’s Predictive Scanning

The iTero scanner, from the makers of Invisalign, enables orthodontists to help their patients visualize the future smile awaiting them. The 3D intraoral scanner not only streamlines a practitioner’s workflow, but also delivers high-def images that motivate patients to start treatment and remain disciplined throughout the process. This useful tool also eliminates the need for unpleasant impressions. 

The current body of professionals who use iTero around the world perform over 12,876,871 scans every year. Orthodontists attribute a growing patient pool to iTero and its multifaceted system. Not only can patients more easily accept the length of treatment once they see their potential results, but orthodontists have the ability to keep them engaged with progress pictures along the way. Joining the iTero network also gives professionals the opportunity to connect with The Align Global Gallery. The AGG provides a digital resource for orthodontists to share their successes and inform themselves on ways to improve their treatments. Sharing scans with other practitioners opens up a valuable channel of feedback for iTero users.

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