The Difference Between Reach and Engagement

For companies looking to expand their brand awareness efforts, social media marketing can be a valuable lead generation strategy that businesses in any industry can benefit from. This is especially the case with orthodontic practices, where word of mouth and referral traffic is an essential part of new client acquisition.

However, when new businesses take their first steps into the world of marketing, there can be some confusion around critical terms used to identify the overall success of a marketing initiative. “Reach” and “engagement” are two crucial aspects to a social media marketing campaign and can directly affect the overall success of your efforts.

Having a better understanding of the meaning and importance of these two terms will help you to make better decisions when optimizing your campaigns successfully.

How Is Marketing Reach Defined?

Reach is a measurement of how far your content travels across the digital landscape. Reach doesn’t necessarily mean exploring new geographical locations, although it does help to measure where your customers are coming from. Instead, reach represents the number of eyes viewing your content and the type of vertical markets you can connect with. Reach can be measured by the amount of social news feeds your content finds, the number of times your advertisements are displayed, and how easy it is for your potential clients to stumble upon your services.

What Is Engagement and How Does It Differ?

The level of engagement your content receives is measured differently than its reach. Rather than focusing on how many places your content is displayed, engagement is measured by how and the number of times potential clients interact with it. Content interaction can be as simple or complex as you feel it needs to be, but in most cases, highly-engaging content is something people are willing to share, comment on, like, or respond to in some way. This is a critical component to any successful marketing campaign, as all the social reach in the world won’t make your potential clients want to learn about and interact with your business.

Which Area Should Your Business Focus On?

When constructing an active social media marketing strategy, whether your focus should be concentrated more on reach or engagement depends on the goals you’re looking to achieve. However, there needs to be a balance in the number of resources your company devotes when deciding on the creative aspect of your campaigns along with an effective outreach strategy. The only way for business practices to manage this process efficiently is by investing in the right tools and services to maximize their marketing efforts.

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