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E2.01 | Using AI to Grow Practice Revenue

Philippe Salah, CEO at Dental Monitoring, discusses his AI-based system for treatment monitoring, practice management, and patient communication. Learn how Dental Monitoring has helped practices around the world provide excellent orthodontic care virtually, making treatment more convenient for patients and reducing chair time for orthodontic teams.

Featured Guest

Philippe Salah | CEO, Dental Monitoring



Whether it's Grammarly trying to make us better writers or Netflix suggesting shows we might like based on our viewing habits, artificial intelligence is already all around us. But what about AI in our mouths? Could AI be used to provide higher quality orthodontic care to patients and help doctors grow their practice and maximize efficiency by reducing needed chair time?

Key Takeaways

  • The use of AI and its impact on the dental industry
  • The benefits of using in AI in your practice


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