Marketing a New Location for Your Orthodontic Practice

Look at you go! Your new patient list is on the rise, you’ve established a solid brand in your market, and plans are underway to expand. As you get ready to open the doors of the new location for your orthodontic practice, you will need to have a specific marketing strategy in mind for your expansion. By following these guidelines, you can successfully market your new orthodontic office location.

Update Your GMB Listing

Using Google My Business (GMB) is essential for any small business, allowing you to create a business profile that will pop up on Google’s search results while giving you an opportunity to grow your online reputation. You likely already have a listing for your current location but you should claim your GMB listing for your new location as soon as the plans are underway. You can also set your opening date on GMB, which allows you to start engaging with leads 90 days before your new location opens.

Let the People Know about Your New Orthodontic Office Location

In the months approaching the grand opening of your new office, you should start making it public that you’re expanding. People will likely start thinking about making an orthodontic appointment a few months out, so give people plenty of time to book an appointment at your new location so you can open your doors to plenty of new patients.

A good way to start this process is by sending out an email newsletter to your contacts, including leads and current patients. Your new location might be a deciding factor for leads who find your new location more convenient, and your current patients may be excited about not having to travel as far for appointments. Your marketing should also include a press release alerting local media outlets about your expansion.

Around this same time, you should begin promoting your new location on your home page. Include a banner users can click to hear about your planned opening and generate excitement. Don’t forget to add the contact info and address of your new location as well. You should also start teasing your new office on your social media pages, especially Facebook and Instagram, where you can show photos of the construction and decor.

The months leading up to the grand opening of your new office are also a good time to start creating targeted ads with new geotargeting locations on Google Ads and your social media platforms. Consider offering limited discounts or promotions to get people through the doors of your new location, and include non-digital marketing tools, like billboards, newspaper ads, or radio spots.

Acquiring an Existing Office

Sometimes, expansions occur by taking over an existing office. If this is the case, begin by sending out an email to the patients and leads on their list, letting them know of the change in ownership. Sending out a press release is also a great idea for this circumstance.

When it comes to social media, you should start posting on the previous practice’s profile in the weeks after the merger before combining your social media marketing. This will prevent people from getting caught off guard and will reduce your chances of current patients turning elsewhere. Be sure to redo the GMB profile of the new location as soon as the outgoing practice ceases treating patients.

Your orthodontic practice is making some exciting headway. Make the most of your new location by putting effective orthodontic marketing strategies into practice.

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