How Blogging Makes Money for Your Practice

Committing to keeping a blog going for your orthodontic website may sound a bit intimidating, but you’ll find it to be well worth it when done right. If you come up with a solid content marketing strategy for your orthodontic practice and stay consistent with uploading quality blogs, you’ll find it will generate new income for your office. Here’s how blogging makes money for your practice.

Build a Bridge Between Your Practice and Your Leads

While you will have some opportunities on your homepage to communicate your trustworthiness and expertise as an orthodontic practice, blogging allows you to go more in-depth. By publishing well-written blogs that cover important topics about orthodontics, you’ll solidly establish yourself as an expert.

This is always important for any kind of medical practice, especially when it comes to specialized sects of healthcare like orthodontics.

Blogging also gives you the opportunity to humanize your team and break down barriers between you and your potential patients. Not only do patients want to know that their orthodontist is an expert, but they also want to know the office will provide a comfortable and welcoming environment. Creating blog posts that introduce staff members or address common concerns patients have about treatment will make them feel more comfortable with choosing you over other practices.

Improve SEO

One of the most significant ways blogging will make money for your business is by improving your website’s search engine optimization (SEO). Blogging is a golden opportunity to fill your website with quality keywords and thorough answers to popular search terms. As you find high-volume keywords and discover trending topics related to orthodontics on Google Trends, make it a priority to create new blogs about those topics.

It’s important to make sure the content itself isn’t just packed with keywords or filled with fluff. While doing this would have been a good SEO trick in the past, modern algorithms now put blogs with the best answers to queries closer to the top. In fact, you could earn what’s called a “featured snippet” if your answer to a specific question is concisely and clearly written within the text of your blog. A featured snippet will automatically appear in larger letters above all other search results with a link to your website, which is obviously a great thing to aim for.

As your website gets populated with quality blogs that contain valuable keywords, your website will also organically pop up closer to the top of the search engine results page (SERP). And as it earns more clicks, the improved domain authority will further help your website’s SEO.

Keep Your Website Active

Another aspect of blogging that will direct more users to your orthodontic website is it keeps your website active, which is what search engine algorithms look for. You can also keep your website active by editing past blogs to include updated information. And by having an array of blogs ready to post on an automated schedule, you can ensure your website will stay active with content that draws more potential patients to your website.

Consistently providing quality blog content for your website visitors is an incredibly valuable marketing tool, but it can also be time consuming to plan the strategy, write the content, find quality imagery, and include effective SEO. If you decide to outsource your blogging to a firm or agency for this reason, make sure they are experienced in orthodontic marketing to get the best results for your practice.

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