Greyfinch New Patient Hub.

Offering Patients the Online Convenience They Expect

Today’s orthodontic patients, and even the parents of orthodontic patients, are surrounded by technology on a daily basis. So much so that they have become accustomed to managing a large part of their lives online. Offering online services confirms your dedication to keeping up with the latest technology and can set you apart from your competitors. It also reduces the workload for your team. One practice management system that’s getting this online patient service right is Greyfinch.

The Greyfinch Patient Hub is both more inviting and more user-friendly than many of the other patient portals available. Some systems create the feeling of a patient portal by combining several third-party apps that integrate with the PMS. The Greyfinch Patient Hub is all-inclusive, eliminating the need for additional apps.

Reducing Patient Calls, Increasing Patient Convenience

In most orthodontic offices an inordinate amount of the front desk staff’s time is spent answering calls from patients who forgot when their next appointment is, need to reschedule, didn’t get a note for school at their last visit, want to update their payment information, etc. 

The patient hub from Greyfinch eliminates the need for these calls by allowing patients to do these tasks themselves. They can see when their next appointment is, reschedule to a different day and time if necessary, check their balance, and update their payment information. And yes, they can even print an excused absence note for themselves or their child, saving a phone call to the staff and their time spent printing or emailing it.

Being able to do these things online is also better for the patient. They no longer have to take time during the day to make a call or stop by the practice to pick up a note, nor do they have to try to remember to do so. Instead, they are able to handle anything related to their account on the evenings, weekends, or whenever it is convenient for them.

Information Submission Secure and HIPAA Compliant

Patient privacy is a major concern when it comes to submitting financial or medical information online, and rightfully so. Patients can safely update their demographic information or medical history, which will be automatically sent to their patient files. They also have the ability to download any receipts or invoices they might need to submit if they are using funds from their HSA or FSA accounts. 

A patient’s privacy is also protected when it comes to late payment. Delinquent patients will be notified online and asked to remit payment before their next appointment, saving them the embarrassment of being told when they reach the front desk, and eliminating a potential confrontation with staff.

Perfect for New Patients Too

The Greyfinch Patient Hub isn’t just for current patients, it works for prospects too. Anyone interested in treatment can schedule a free consultation online. New patient forms are completed and signed digitally, and a new patient file is automatically created. 

After a new patient fills out their paperwork, they are prompted to set up their hub account, where they are able to see all of the convenient features that will be available to them if they choose to go forward with treatment. They will also be able to securely ask questions and receive responses from the orthodontic team in real-time through the Greyfinch communication platform, instead of having to wait to call the office during business hours. 

When choosing a practice management system, be sure to keep your patients in mind too. Making treatment as convenient as possible will both encourage new patients to consider your practice and keep your current patients happy, potentially leading to new referrals.