How Orthodontic Blogging and Google Results Are Related

Adding orthodontic blogging to your marketing strategy is a great way to boost the effectiveness of your website. For one, you’ll provide users with content that answers questions about starting treatment and why they should choose your practice. But it also dramatically improves your SEO, giving you a better position on the search results page.

More Content Means More Keywords

In the aim of improving the SEO of your orthodontic website, you’ll want to make sure your content contains keywords and phrases people are searching for. While keyword integration has long been a staple of SEO, the best practices of keyword integration have evolved over the years.

Now more than ever, you want to be wary of black hat SEO, which includes a practice known as “keyword stuffing.” Rather than creating content that seems like it exists for the sake of adding popular keywords, create blogs with subjects that lend themselves to including popular search terms relevant to your practice and weave them naturally into the text.

Google Likes Active Websites

Of course, you will have ample opportunities to add good keywords to your web page copy and evergreen service descriptions, but that’s only one element of good SEO.

Google’s algorithm prefers to put websites that are actively posting new content closer to the top. This means your website will have better odds of getting a good spot on the search engine results page (SERP) if your blog is consistently being updated with new posts.

High-Quality Content Gets Special Treatment

Posting on your blog provides you the opportunity to create the kind of content that search engines prefer. Google changed its algorithm a few years back to encourage people to post higher quality content. Blogging presents a great opportunity to create clear, well-written content designed to answer popular questions, especially for orthodontic practices.

Not only will your blogs be more likely to be pushed towards the top of the SERP if your content is easy to read, clear, and answers a query well, but it can even get what’s known as a “featured snippet.” This happens when Google’s algorithm spots a short section of text that concisely answers a search term. The paragraph will appear above all of the results in large, noticeable text. These featured snippets often come from blog posts.

As you populate your website with high-quality blogs, you can expect to see your orthodontic website show up in favorable spots on the SERP, and hopefully even at the top with a featured snippet.

Gain Clicks Within Your Website With Orthodontic Blogging

Another essential element of SEO that blogs help with is link-building. Creating new blog posts on your orthodontic website gives you the opportunity to create links from one page to the next. This works most effectively when your hypertext is the target keyword of your blog.

As your website’s visitors click on the links within your blogs, you’ll build domain authority and be more likely to get better search rankings in the future. A blog is also the perfect place to include backlinks to outside sources, which helps give your website credibility.

If you put in the effort to consistently post quality content on your blogs, you can be confident that new growth will follow.

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