E1.32 | Giving the Gift of Self-Confidence

Jeff Behan, Vice President of the nonprofit organization Smile For a Lifetime, discusses the organization and how it helps to build self-confidence, inspire hope, and change the lives of children through the gift of a perfect smile.

Featured guest

Jeff Behan | Vice President, Smile For a Lifetime


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As science has proven, smiling is contagious. When we smile at others, they are likely to smile back because our brains can’t help but reciprocate the kind gesture. And with the accompanying rush of endorphins, we all start feeling good.

Unfortunately, some are reluctant to smile because of their teeth, and they can't afford to fix them, so they miss out on the joy of giving or returning smiles every day.

Learn how Smile for a Lifetime is giving people—especially kids and teens—back their smiles, and how you can help.

Key Takeaways
  • Benefits of being involved with a nonprofit organization like S4L
  • Ways you can be apart of S4L
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