12 Orthodontic Marketing Tips to Get New Patients

You already know how to keep your patients happy by delivering the best in orthodontic care. However, in order to get new smiles to walk into your practice, you may have to think a bit outside of the box of your typical marketing strategy. Here are 12 tips to get new patients. 

Have an Active Social Media Presence

It’s important to know where your future patients spend their time online. Make sure your digital feeds are curated with timely and engaging social media content. 

Tailor Your Online Content to the Platform

Don’t take a one-size-fits-all approach to your digital content. While it may be time-consuming to craft new content for your specific social platforms, it pays off to know what kinds of information work best for each platform.

Have a Live-Chat feature on your Website

For prospective patients, having their questions answered by a friendly team member instead of an impersonal FAQ page can make them feel more confident in coming to your practice with their questions and their business.

Partner with Local Schools and Youth Organizations

Finding patients early on means keeping patients longer as their orthodontic needs change. Visit local schools during National Orthodontic Health Month or Children’s Dental Health Month to talk to kids about the importance of caring for their teeth. Sponsor kids’ local athletic teams or events to show you support the community.

Find your Area Partners

Patient referrals from dentist offices or pediatricians can make a world of difference. Form tight bonds with other offices that may see your new patients before you do. Just make sure to return the favor by offering similar referrals, or keep things friendly by sending donuts or gift baskets to their staff.

Make your Brand Recognizable

Having a recognizable brand that sets you apart from your competition can help you stand out to new patients. Use a professional graphic designer or a notable local artist to help you in creating a look that’s polished and exciting. Determine what your differentiators are and ensure potential patients know about them.

Stay Top-of-Mind with Swag and Giveaways

Use your office mascot, colors, and logos on note-worthy give-away items your patients will be sure to use, like pop-sockets, portable chargers, and travel cups. Having branded swag items does little good if they’re in the back of a patient’s closet!

Stay Connected in Your Community

Be an active member of your local community, whether that’s sponsoring the local little league team, having your staff pitch in on community clean-up days or other neighborhood volunteer opportunities.

Patient Referrals

One of the most effective marketing tools is word-of-mouth advertising. Offer incentives to your current patients for referring future patients to your office for a consultation. 

Patient Appreciation Days

One of the best ways to get new patients is to show your appreciation to your current patients. Have an annual eye-catching patient appreciation day, like a free snow cone or ice cream truck, so your festivities can be noticeable from passersby.

Have a Polished Website

With so many potential patients now seeking digital care, having a strong digital presence is more important now than ever. One of the most important components is to have a welcoming, informative, easy-to-use  website for potential patients to find..

Outsource your Advertising and Marketing to Get New Patients

The best way to get new patients is to have an experienced orthodontic marketing team like Ortho Sales Engine assist your practice in everything from top-notch SEO and polished graphics to video, content and web design. Let us be your one-stop-shop to introduce more people to your practice!

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