WildSmiles: Where the Stars Align

What child or teen wouldn’t want to personalize their braces? Offering ligatures in different colors is one way to allow them to express themselves, but WildSmiles®, Mascot Braces, and Disney Braces take individuality to a whole new level and differentiates you from your competitors.

What Are WildSmiles?

WildSmiles are silver braces with designer-shaped brackets instead of rectangular ones. They are applied and adjusted just like traditional braces and achieve the same results in the same amount of time. WildSmiles are available in different prescriptions and slot sizes to match your system. The fun-shaped brackets are placed on the upper six front teeth, where they are most visible, and rectangular brackets are used on the upper anterior and lower teeth.

Patients can choose one or more of the following shapes:

  • Star
  • Flower
  • Football
  • Diamond
  • Heart
  • Round ball

How WildSmiles Got Its Start

Over 10 years ago, Dr. Clarke Stevens translated his progressive approach to practice growth into the creation of WildSmiles Braces. He started with a single shape – the star – and has added shapes throughout the years, including Mascot Braces, described below. In 2015, WildSmiles updated the brand to be more consumer-friendly and shifted its focus to supporting orthodontists by offering a product to differentiate themselves in their market.

How Designer Braces Increase Business

The competition for orthodontists is getting larger and larger. Whether you aren’t getting the dental referrals you need or if you’re just looking for more business in general, increasing services that potential patients may be looking for can greatly improve your online presence and the likelihood of your patients referring friends and family to your practice. 

WildSmiles sets a practice apart from its competitors by making it the fun place to get braces. It appeals to prospects shopping the market because their child is excited about designing their own smile, which they can’t do at other offices, and it brings in referrals when kids tell their friends where they got them.

The 2200 orthodontists who have offered WildSmiles report that 44% of their patients 14 and under opt to get them and patients under 11 years of age select them 70% of the time. This means the product appeals to 80% of the orthodontic market (kids 14 and under).

Getting Started with WildSmiles

WildSmiles starts with a discovery call, where they learn about your practice’s needs so they know how the product will best help you achieve your goals. You’re given a free set of designer braces, marketing assets, and coaching on how to test it in your office. After about three weeks, you and your staff give feedback, which forms the launch of WildSmiles in your practice. A free comprehensive training program is also available when you begin offering the product.

The initial product and marketing investment is around $1000 and is backed by a 60-day money-back guarantee. Additional brackets are ordered as needed by individual shapes and tooth numbers and they cost the same as low- to mid-priced brackets.

Teaching Your Patients About WildSmiles

Selling WildSmiles to your patients isn’t difficult once you overcome some small but important questions. They may be under the impression that it’s either more expensive, more restrictive for their lifestyle, or that they might not be as effective or take longer than usual. As you are aware, WildSmiles are just like regular braces and you can tell your patients they can enjoy the customization without a major price difference. When you sign up for WildSmiles, we will include presentation materials for your potential patients to look over as a visual aid. In addition to the patient-friendly material, we will include marketing tools and support to help your business find more potential patients to educate about this unique alternative to braces.

Mascot Braces

Mascot Braces are officially licensed products through NCAA-affiliated schools. In concept and function, Mascot Braces work exactly like WildSmiles. However, they are offered only for the upper central teeth (U1-1). Partner practices join the Mascot Braces Club and receive an area of exclusivity surrounding their practice location(s) as well as official branded marketing assets to promote the product within their community.

In states where Mascot Braces for a team have already launched, partner practices can join the club starting at $199 per month with a two-year commitment. In addition to this exclusivity and marketing support, the investment includes an allotment of the officially licensed brackets and access to all the other teams available.  

In states with no active team launched, partner practices can join the club starting at $59 per month with a one-year commitment, can order one set of Mascot Braces at a time, and have access to the branded marketing assets and all launched programs in the club. If a team is added in their state, a participating practice gets first right of refusal for exclusivity of the local team.

WildSmiles currently offers Mascot Braces for more than a dozen college teams and has plans to launch over 50 programs within the next few years.


Disney Braces

Wild Smiles not only comes in the standard and stylish shapes in the signature collection, but now a new Disney theme is also available. Whereas older patients may prefer the NCAA styled braces, the classic mouse ear brackets are more suitable for younger patients, covering more of the market and making your practice more attractive for potential patients. Your patients can mix and match these with the signature collection to provide even more customization which patients love. Included in this set are the Mickey Mouse shaped brackets and Disney themed bags of elastics for your patient to take home. By providing more options for your patients, the anxiety of getting braces can turn to excitement instead. Don’t be surprised if your patient or their parents spread the word about where to get them! 


Technical Information

Using the chart and video below, you’ll see that WildSmiles braces are bonded just like any normal set of braces. Though the individual shapes may make things a little more confusing at first, it’s not difficult to understand how they ought to be aligned.


WildSmiles Braces – How to Bond WildSmiles Braces | Instructional Video


With thousands of orthodontists practicing across the country, many of whom are concentrated in larger cities and more populated areas, it’s important to set your practice apart from the competition. Offering WildSmiles braces as a differentiator is effective because it’s easily understood and desired by the largest orthodontic market – kids and teens. This specific market is looking to express themselves above all else, and the statistics show that there is a large demand for customized braces. By tapping into this inexpensive alternative, you have the chance to stand out amongst your competition, whether that’s driving more website traffic to your page because you have it listed as a service, or by word of mouth when one happy teen refers another to your practice.

To learn more about WildSmiles or Mascot Braces, call the WildSmiles office at (402) 334-7171.