Effective Social Media Campaigns for Orthodontists

By now, you likely know how important it is to market your orthodontic practice through social media. However, you’ll need to get creative with your social media pages to gain more traction and engage with users. Here are some sample social media campaigns for orthodontists to get your creative juices flowing.

Integrate Your Content Marketing and Social Media Marketing

This strategy is especially effective on platforms like Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn, where users often look for shared content. It can be tricky to have enough new ideas for social media posts to keep things consistent. By sharing some of your blog posts on social media every now and then, you can stay in people’s news feeds more often. The other advantage of sharing your blog posts is it gives you more of an opportunity to demonstrate your expertise as an orthodontic office.

While it can be hard to get your blogs to rank high on the search engine results pages (SERPs), you will most likely get some exposure by sharing your blogs on social media. It also may encourage visitors to your social account to become followers so they can read more of your valuable content.

Get Users to Create Content For You

You can integrate this strategy into some of the contests you run on social media. Rather than simply having people follow or tag their friends to earn a prize, run a contest where users have to create something. You may have to come up with a pretty enticing prize to get users to contribute content, but the results can be well worth it. You could ask users to create a certain type of art or share a photo to win a prize, or ask people to share their own tips for keeping track of their Invisalign trays or keeping their braces clean.

Share Testimonials

Create a series of photo essays, blogs, or even videos where patients share their experience at your practice. Have them answer questions about the initial exam, their routine check-ups, how they dealt with having braces, and their results. When you get your testimonials done, integrate them into your social media posting calendar and post them as a regular series. This type of engaging content will humanize your orthodontic practice while also further demonstrating your expertise to your followers.

You’ll have to get the proper patient permission to conduct this type of campaign, but being able to share personal accounts from your patients is well worth the little bit of extra paperwork.

When it comes to the social media posts you publish on a regular basis, be sure to gear them towards creating a conversation. Post content that poses a question or invites user input in some way to get people commenting and sharing. Follow up in the comment section to reward people for their engagement while creating a great impression for your practice.

Keep discovering new ways to promote your orthodontic practice on social media, and you’ll continue to earn new patients.

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