Writing Emails Potential Patients Will Open

You’re about to sit down and craft an email to your prospective patient list, letting them know why you’re the right choice for orthodontic treatment. The problem is, if they never open your email, they’ll never know why you’re the best practice to choose. We all get dozens of emails that we either immediately delete, mark as spam or forget about, so what’s going to set your email apart from the rest? Here are our tips on writing emails potential patients will open.

Pique Their Interest

Since your email is going to be competing for attention with many others just like it, it’s important to make yours stand out so potential patients will want to learn more. Start with the subject line. Make it something prospects are interested in and want to learn more about. You want to give your audience something to take away from your email, such as:

  • Information about your practice
  • Orthodontic advice
  • Helpful tips
  • A coupon or discount

In offering the reader something, it gives them the incentive to actually open your email. It doesn’t have to be a discount to be valuable to the user. However, be sure not to imply there is a discount or coupon in the subject line if there isn’t. No one likes to be fooled into opening an email with false promises.

Be Clear and Concise

Another important tip about constructing your email is to be clear about what you want to accomplish with the reader. Don’t be confusing in your subject line or anywhere in your email. Have a clear message and provide your potential patients with that message in an easy-to-understand manner. Get straight to the point about why you are connecting with them and try to avoid being pushy or salesy. Knowing what you wish to accomplish with your reader will allow them the opportunity to give your email a chance.

Organize Your Contacts

Now that you you have a well-written email with an attention-getting subject line, you want to be sure you’re sending it to people who will actually want to read it. This is where organizing your prospect lists is key. For instance, you may want to try an email targeted toward potential patients who are looking for orthodontic treatment for adults. You may want to try another email campaign, targeting potential patients within a ten-mile radius who are interested in gaining information about orthodontic services in their area. By segmenting your lists, you’re able to construct an email that is more targeted to your audience. Be sure to acquire your lists organically and avoid spamming those who don’t meet your specifications.

Set Yourself Apart from the Competition

There are many practices in your area who are attempting to acquire new patients on an ongoing basis. Set yourself apart and let potential patients know that you’re a strong orthodontic practice by showing how much you care about your patients. This can be achieved before your prospects even click to open your email by using a caring tone. People tend to steer clear of overbearing, salesy tones, so keeping it relaxed and nurturing can be just the thing your potential patient is needing.

Choosing to begin orthodontic care is a big decision that requires some research and thought. It’s not something many people can figure out overnight. This is why adopting a caring tone can help your potential patients see you’re a trusted source for them and will lead them along the right path for orthodontic success.

By keeping these tips in mind, you’ll be able to construct an informative email your potential patients want to read. It all starts with the subject line and how you choose to interact with your audience. If they can’t get past that, you’ll be losing out on valuable patients.

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