Why Phone Sales Training is Essential for Orthodontic Practices

Being able to communicate over the phone effectively is an essential part of developing a successful orthodontic practice. This is especially the case when it comes to nurturing leads and converting new business through inbound and outbound calling. However, many business practices don’t budget the time necessary to sufficiently train their staff on selling techniques and phone etiquette best practices, which can be a costly mistake.

Here are a few reasons why phone sales training is essential for your orthodontic practice.

Displays Confidence and Builds Trust

To effectively close new business over the phone, you need to establish a certain level of trust with the customer. Conveying that you have the customer’s best interests at heart helps to develop the healthy rapport required to have a proactive sales call. Phone sales training helps staff members build the confidence they need when communicating services and solutions over the phone, helping to create better trust with the client and securing more business over time.

Establishes Stronger Customer Relationships

When it comes to the psychology of selling, there is an old saying that “people buy from people.” What does this mean? It means that in most cases, customers will prioritize who they purchase their services from based on if they like the person they’re dealing with rather than if their service solutions meet every one of their needs. This is an essential aspect when dealing with patients over the phone, especially in orthodontic fields where competition is high and competitors are offering like services and solutions. By concentrating your selling efforts on establishing relationships first, you’ll be able to demonstrate better the real value of working with your practice. Effective phone sales training helps staff members to master this art form.

Helps Staff Members Close Business More Effectively

To maximize the potential of every sales call, training staff on how to create and follow an inbound and outbound phone script is an effective way to close more business. Phone scripts are a great way to quickly identify the needs of the client while also helping to qualify them as a potential business lead. Once a relationship becomes established, segueing the phone script format into a healthy schedule of follow-up calls or emails is a great way to nurture the client over time and ensure their needs are always met. By implementing a phone sales training program for your orthodontic practice and using universal calling scripts, you can ensure your clients consistently receive the adequate levels of support they deserve while significantly increasing the quality of your sales leads.

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