all the different kinds of collateral for your orthodontic practice

What Marketing Collateral is Best for Orthodontic Practices?

When it comes to marketing small businesses, there are several forms of collateral that will be essential. Signs, social media posts, or radio spots have tons of merit for capturing an audience, gaining leads, and increasing sales. However, there are other forms of marketing collateral that are especially helpful for orthodontic practices.

Print Marketing Collateral

The classic definition of marketing collateral refers to marketing materials that are, well, material. Items like brochures, business cards, and branded envelopes are still great ways to market your business and are especially helpful for orthodontic practices.

Brochures are a bread and butter form of marketing collateral for orthodontic practices. You’ll want to have great-looking and informational brochures for multiple purposes. Having a more information-heavy brochure will be important for getting referrals from dentists. Make sure your brochure looks clean and professional and highlights what makes your practice stand out.

You’ll also want to create a brochure for generating leads and converting warm leads. Obviously, these brochures should put things into layman’s terms while still demonstrating the specialties of your practice.

Business cards are another form of collateral that is beneficial for any kind of business, but is particularly helpful for orthodontic practices. In-person marketing techniques work well when growing an orthodontic practice, and business cards are an important element of in-person marketing. You can also build relationships with other small businesses and leave business cards at their location for customers to pick up.

Orthodontic Presentations

Another great way to market your orthodontic practice is to find places where you can do a presentation. Schools will often invite guests to give presentations to their students for various reasons, Build relationships with people in your local school districts and ask to present in a classroom or plan a special event. Be sure to bring brochures along with you to hand out. You can also give the students promotional items with your logo and contact information on them.

Digital Collateral

In the digital space, emails are incredibly important for orthodontic practices. Not only can you run promotions for general leads, but you can create personalized messages for different kinds of leads to optimize your conversion rate.

Email is a vital marketing channel for different kinds of collateral, like newsletters, blogs, and press releases. You can also use email to follow up with downloadable brochures that potential patients can use to inform their decision-making.

Throughout your various forms of collateral you use to market your orthodontic practice, you’ll want to take special care to keep your branding consistent. One way to do this is to create an effective logo. By integrating a good logo into newsletters, press-releases, and brochures, you’ll be able to make your brand instantly recognizable and memorable. Make sure each person involved in creating and distributing marketing collateral is given a style guide and access to approved logos and fonts to keep things consistent.

By putting a special emphasis on these types of marketing collateral and investing plenty of time and energy into other standard marketing channels, you’ll give your practice the best chance for growth.