Using Video Marketing to Showcase Your Practice’s Culture

These days, people care more than ever about the values behind the brands they work for, interact with, and ultimately give their business to. In other words, the culture of your practice is a bigger deal than you might think. If you feel like your culture is something that sets you apart from your competitors, it’s important to show that off–and the most direct, and effective, method of doing so is through the use of video marketing.

Why use video?

Studies have shown that viewers will remember 95% of a message delivered in video, as opposed to only retaining 10% through text alone. 

Utilizing video marketing and creating videos that highlight your brand’s culture and personality not only helps tell your practice’s story in an engaging, memorable way–it also gets people excited about doing business with you, as either a client or an employee.

Some other benefits of culture videos include:

  • Increasing morale among your current team
  • Improving future recruitment processes
  • Expanding your audience and prospect list
  • Building brand affinity and loyalty
Brainstorming an Orthodontic Practice Culture Video

Before taking any other steps, think about what your goals are for creating a culture video for your practice. Are you wanting to attract prospective patients, or are you looking to keep your current patients engaged? Are you trying to boost morale among your team, or are you seeking to recruit new, talented employees? Though a culture video can certainly serve multiple purposes at once, having a clear understanding of your goals for the video will help better determine the formatting, content, and audience for the story you are wishing to tell.

The next steps to take are:

  1. Put together a script (sort of). While it is helpful to have a good idea of what you want to say (or what you want other people to say) in your culture video, it is important to not come off as too scripted, or inauthentic. Rather than an exact script, draft up a loose outline of things you would like to be said, and who will say them.  
  2. Review, practice, revise. Get your team together to go through your “script” and go through the timeline of the video. If something doesn’t feel natural, feel free to revise it, and let your team add personality wherever they see fit.
  3. Record. This might take a few takes. That’s alright!
  4. Edit. Take your best takes and edit them together into a polished, quality video.
  5. Share. Think of the appropriate channels for your video’s message. Would it be best to post on your social media or website, or distribute through your email marketing campaigns?

If you aren’t particularly tech-savvy, the process of recording and editing your video might seem daunting. Hiring a videographer can help save both time and probably a few headaches too. If you do go the videographer route, make sure to discuss your purpose, audience, core message, and timeline before you start filming.

Best Practices for Shooting Good Videos

Every company culture is different, so there is not a one-size-fits-all approach to creating the perfect culture video. However, the most successful culture videos are ones that highlight the brand in a unique, honest, and genuine way. Here are a few practices to keep in mind:

  • Get creative. Your video should focus on your practice, your people, and your values. Think about what makes your practice unique among your competitors, and highlight that.
  • Focus on the people. In order for your culture video to be successful, the people who make up your practice should be represented. Give your employees a voice. Ask questions like “Why do you enjoy working here?” or “Why did you choose to work here?” If using the culture video as a promotional tool, focus on some of your patients. Why did they choose you as their orthodontist? Why do they recommend you to their friends and family?
  • Be honest. Be as honest as possible. Film your employees at work rather than using stock footage. While interviewing, ask your employees a few questions off-the-cuff. The more authentic your video seems, the more likely it is that people will feel warmly and positively about your practice.

The ultimate goal of using video marketing for a culture video is to break down barriers between your practice and viewers. When done well, a culture video can give an honest, human face to your practice while building a sense of trust and connection between both future employees and patients. 

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