Use vehicle graphics in your orthodontic marketing

Using Vehicle Graphics to Promote Your Orthodontic Practice

With so much focus on SEO strategies, chat bots, and social media posts, it can be easy to let traditional marketing strategies fall by the wayside. However, there will always be room for tried-and-true marketing methods that produce results and help you gain more patients. One of the most effective marketing strategies for orthodontic practices is using vehicle graphics, or car wraps.

Why Use Car Wraps in Your Orthodontic Marketing?

We don’t blame you if this idea wasn’t at the top of your list of marketing strategies to explore. Using vehicle graphics doesn’t exactly seem like a market trend, but it is a marketing method that earns results.

Think about it, you’ve likely created print marketing collateral already, such as signs, billboards, or newspaper ads. All of these mediums have value and can see great results, but these mediums also stand still. Car wraps, on the other hand, allow you to spread your message far and wide by taking your messaging on the road. This allows you to get more impressions in more places, dramatically increasing your visibility. Rather than going through the process of adding a billboard or poster in a part of town you want to reach better, you can simply take your message there by driving.

The actual cost of car wraps is also relatively inexpensive compared to other forms of marketing collateral, especially given how effective it ends up being. For example, billboards in prime locations can cost a few thousand dollars per month, while a vehicle wrap, which costs about the same, can be used as long as you’d like. So using vehicles graphics for your marketing can significantly boost your ROI.

Using vehicle graphics also helps strengthen your brand. As people around town begin to recognize your vehicle graphics, you further establish your presence in the community as a standout company and people who recognize your distinctive car wraps will to want to know more about the awesome orthodontic practice they see advertised everywhere.

Best Practices for Orthodontic Vehicle Graphics

When you decide to use a car wrap to promote your practice, keep in mind there is only so much time for people to read your messaging, unless your car is parked, of course. This means you’ll need to use your words wisely. Think about the main draws to your orthodontic practice and stick to taglines that are short and highly visible. You’ll also want to put the most important parts of your message in places that people will see most easily and for the longest period of time.

Of course, you also want branding and graphics that are eye-catching, creative, and memorable. While you would have to turn to a separate company to contract with if you chose any ordinary orthodontic marketing agency, you can turn to Ortho Sales Engine to come up with a great design for your vehicle graphics as well as other forms of marketing. We have our own in-house graphic designer who can come up with brilliant imaging and effective messaging for your car wrap, allowing you to make your advertising mobile.