E1.30 | Using “Storyselling” to Win Over Prospects

Dr. Paul Homoly, President of Homoly Communications, offers his expertise in the art of storytelling with the aim of attracting an audience as well as the key components that make for a compelling story. Dr. Homoly's focus is to help doctors do the work they love and be abundantly compensated.

Featured guest

Dr. Paul Homoly | CEO, Homoly Communications


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Stories excite and wake up people’s emotions - facts and figures don't. Yes, being knowledgeable is imperative and metrics can be impressive, but being likeable and relatable is equally as important. Maybe even more important.

Storyselling is the art of telling a story with the aim of attracting your audience, so they remember, connect, and perceive the benefits of choosing to work with your practice.

Learn what makes for a compelling story, how it can influence the buying decision, and the best ways to use storyselling to increase your new patient list.

Key Takeaways
  • The difference between storytelling and storyselling
  • The key components to craft a compelling story
  • The four essential stories you need to have
  • The steps to take to become a good storyteller
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