patient relationship management

Updating Your Patient Relationship Management System

Consistent communication and personalization are key to making your marketing as effective as possible. But any attempts at making your orthodontic emails, calls, or other forms of following up actually work will all be in vain if you don’t make sure your information on each patient is current. By updating information on your leads and current patients in your patient relationship management system, you will be able to deliver the type of personalized marketing you’re aiming for. 

Make Sure Your Marketing Strategies Aren’t Wasted

Imagine you come up with a clever way to get new patients through the door by coming up with a contest and a personalized way to follow up with patients. After strategizing, discussing your orthodontic marketing campaign in team meetings, and creating marketing materials on social media, you finally see your plan come to life. However, when you start sending out emails or making calls, you end up reaching people that don’t have anything to do with your current promotion. If you haven’t updated your leads or patients in the patient relationship management system or CRM you use to communicate, your efforts will simply go to waste. But when you’ve taken the time to update your contacts, you’ll reap the rewards as your leads receive calls and emails that are relevant to them. 

Don’t Needlessly Bother Your Current Patients

If you’ve already secured current patients, great! But don’t think your marketing work is done with them. The best way to make marketing easier for yourself is to have patients do much of the work for you. If you forget to update your leads to patients in your CRM, your current patients could end up getting calls, emails, and ads that make it seem like you’ve never met before, which is hardly the personal touch you want to have associated with your brand. 

While these instances won’t necessarily have catastrophic consequences, they have the potential to be pretty awkward. For example, if you run a promotion offering a new discount for participants of a contest who didn’t win, you could accidentally reach current patients. In this case, you could leave them wondering why they couldn’t get a discount or perhaps even accidentally promise a discount they won’t really be eligible for. 

At the end of the day, keeping current patients on the wrong list and needlessly bothering them with irrelevant promotions could be the difference between them referring others to your practice or not. 

Updating Your CRM

Be sure to dedicate part of the workday to updating patient information in your CRM of choice. Unfortunately, typical orthodontic calendars and patient tracking systems won’t communicate with CRMs, so it’s crucial that you pay attention to new bookings and important updates on the status of a patient or lead. When this happens, open up your CRM and move your contacts into the proper lists so they get calls and emails that seem like they were made just for them. 

By making sure your patient contacts are updated, your email lists will be able to be segmented properly and your calls have the impact you want them to have.