E1.22 | Turning Post-Pandemic Patients Into Influencers

Davin explains influencer marketing and how the most valuable influencers are already available to you. He also discusses key differentiators that can separate you from your competition and shares personal insight into the creation of an "orthodontic experience" worth telling others about.

Featured Guest

Davin Bickford | COO, WildSmiles Braces



Since the early days of dentistry, word-of-mouth marketing has been a primary source of bringing in new business to practices. While this remains true, the ever-increasing use of social media has introduced a new and surprisingly efficient method of word-of-mouth marketing for orthodontists: patient influencers. 

As Davin Bickford, the COO of WildSmiles Braces, explains: anyone with the ability to promote or recommend services on social media can be an influencer. Instead of just listening to a dentist’s referral for an orthodontist, potential patients are more likely to use social media and the Internet to “shop around” and ask their friends, or people they trust, for places that they would recommend. By offering exceptional features and experiences within your practice, you can better ensure that satisfied patients will leave your practice as authentic influencers. 

Key Takeaways

  • Discover how great experiences within your practice can lead to an increase in word-of-mouth marketing
  • Learn how to make influencers out of your patients
  • Understand how to better communicate with your patients, including on social media platforms


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