Top Six Things Patients Look for in an Orthodontist

Creating effective marketing for your orthodontic practice doesn’t just mean using current marketing trends like social media, SEO strategies, or chat bots. To truly get an edge over your competition, you’ll need to show how you stand out and what makes your practice unique. Here are the top six things patients look for in an orthodontic office that you should highlight.

Free Consultation

For some reason, not every orthodontist office does this, yet it is one of the best ways to gain new patients. There are already enough reasons for potential patients to feel apprehensive about starting treatment, so the last thing they need is another deterrent to keep them from scheduling an appointment. If you make it clear you offer a free, no-pressure consultation, you will see more people making appointments and deciding to start treatment. 


The largest demographic an orthodontic practice services is parents of teenagers. Your marketing should make it clear that you offer treatment for kids, teens, and adults, and include blog content with language geared towards families. Highlighting options like Invisalign Teen, WildSmiles, and Mascot Braces will make it clear you value family business and have their best interest in mind. 


While you obviously should set fair prices for your treatment options, both for yourself and for patients, you can differentiate yourself from other offices by highlighting payment options that are convenient and affordable for everyone. If you aren’t already partnered with OrthoFi, they are a great financing resource that makes payments straightforward and affordable for multiple types of patients. You should also make it clear what insurance plans you accept and any discounts available. 

Education and Experience

If someone is about to let another person put orthodontic appliances in their mouth and adjust their teeth, they are going to want to know they are trustworthy. If information about your education and experience isn’t easy to find on your website, it could end up being a deterrent for some people. Having this information clearly visible will help build trust and make it more likely people will choose your office. 

Treatments Offered

It should be very easy to find exactly what types of treatment are offered by your office on your orthodontic website. Most likely, your office offers the basics at least, like metal braces and Invisalign. You should also make it clear if you offer other services that aren’t as widely available, such as surgery, TMD treatment, or two-phase treatment. 


There’s a reason many people are willing to choose risky options like mail-order braces these days, and that’s convenience. Life seems to just get more fast-paced and busier for a lot of individuals and potential orthodontic patients are increasingly looking for flexible schedules and convenient location. Make it clear if your office offers extended hours during the week or see patients on the weekends. In today’s world, this could be one of the main deciding factors that convinces a potential patient to start treatment at your office.  

Knowing what your patients are looking for when choosing an orthodontist, and highlighting these options in your marketing, can differentiate your practice from others in your area.

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