The Importance of Using the Right Terminology in Your Practice

As with any good marketing strategy for small businesses, you need to make sure your orthodontic practice is sending the right message to prospective patients. Marketing for orthodontic offices is unique because there are multiple layers to address when it comes to creating an effective voice. Because of this, it is especially important to make sure you are using effective terminology through all of your marketing channels. 

Focus on Making Potential Patients Comfortable

Most small businesses primarily need to worry about making their products and services seem worth the money compared to competing companies. While your marketing will do much of the same, you also have to address the fact that many potential patients are likely apprehensive about getting braces. Beyond the fact that orthodontic treatment is a relatively significant investment for most people, you also have to break through the potential patient’s uneasiness of dealing with cleaning their braces, having uncomfortable metal in their mouth, and having food restrictions. Through your marketing, you should make sure the words you choose aren’t making potential patients even more anxious. 

For instance, rather than talking about jaw and tooth “pain,” use “discomfort” instead. This allows you to still be forthcoming in your content when talking about being prepared for braces without scaring off potential patients. Look for every opportunity you can to make your language sound more appealing, like using the terms “lobby” or “reception area” instead of “waiting room.” You already know you’ll make the experience great for your patients, so make sure your terminology makes them feel at ease about making an appointment. 

Keep Your Language Professional

While your aim should be to make prospective patients feel comfortable about choosing your orthodontic office, you should also make sure they understand they are in trustworthy hands. Sure, a lot of your marketing materials will be written in a conversational and upbeat tone to make your patients feel at ease, but you should also make sure you don’t water down your professionalism in the process. 

For instance, anytime your content or website copy encourages people to make an appointment, be sure to actually use the word “appointment” rather than a casual “drop on by” or “schedule a visit.” When a patient gets a call to action to make an appointment, they automatically get a sense of professionalism from your office. The word “appointment” also has an air of personalization to it that makes them feel like a priority. 

The professional atmosphere should extend beyond just the orthodontists at the office. For example, don’t refer to the staff at your front desk as “receptionists” but rather as “patient coordinators.” Not only is this more accurate but it also gives patients more trust in the front desk staff who book appointments, handle payments, and coordinate with insurance. 

Words matter when it comes to marketing your orthodontic practice, from creating an effective tone to choosing good SEO keywords. By partnering with Ortho Sales Engine, you can rest assured your marketing content will be tailored to reach your audience and grow your practice. 

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