Take the Next Step with Jill Allen & Associates

Whether you’re just laying the groundwork for a new company, in the midst of running a successful business, or planning your exit strategy, a business consultant can provide valuable insight into taking the next step. Jill Allen & Associates offers their business expertise specifically to orthodontists.

Meet Jill Allen

Jill Allen is the owner of Jill Allen & Associates, a national orthodontic consulting firm that specializes in working with orthodontic and pediatric start-ups, doctors who have been in a practice eight years or less, and those who are about eight years from retirement. She has been in the orthodontic field for the last 28 years, and has owned her business for 13 years. She became interested in orthodontic consulting early on in her orthodontic career, thanks to the progressive doctors she worked for who believed in continuing education for their teams.

What Jill Allen & Associates Offers Orthodontists

In addition to the fear of starting a new business and not being successful in the first year, two of the biggest challenges orthodontists face in running their practices are new team member training and the implementation of good practice management systems. That’s whyJill and her team primarily focus on working with new doctors and their team members, helping them put good fundamental practice management systems in place so they can be successful in their first years of practice.

When working with a brand-new practice, this consulting group spends the first six months helping with everything from finding a location and designing their office to hiring and training their first team member. Once the practice is officially open, they work with the doctor and their team members to make sure good practice management protocols are in place, and help them set their growth goals and marketing strategies for their first year.

The company also offers training that benefits orthodontists at any business stage, including treatment coordinating, financial coordinating, front office and management, and template training.

Orthodontic Offices vs. Other Small Businesses

In working with orthodontists, Jill Allen and her team find there are not a lot of differences between running a small business and a practice because the challenges are essentially the same. In the first year, orthodontists must establish their brand and market it to their potential clients (patients). Just like a small business nowadays, a strong social presence and credibility is the key to a doctor’s initial success.  Once they get their potential patients into their office, they need to quickly establish why a patient should choose them over the many other competitors in the area.

Starting a business, no matter what service or product is being sold, is about having SMART goals for your first year. A SMART goal is a goal that is specific, measurable, attainable, realistic and tangible. Every business should have a plan for where they are going, or in most cases they will not end up where they wanted to be.

To learn more about Jill Allen & Associates and the services they provide, visit their website: www.practiceresults.com, or contact them at 303-988-4455 or info@practiceresults.com