Start the New Year with a New Orthodontic Marketing Plan

We’re all looking forward to the new year at the end of 2020. And with the new year comes an opportunity to set goals for growth for your orthodontic practice. Being that the stage is set for 2021 to be a busy year filled with changes, there’s never been a better time to rethink your orthodontic marketing plan.

Come Up with Tangible Goals for Your Orthodontic Marketing

Start your orthodontic marketing plan for 2021 by coming up with a list of areas where you hope to grow and areas where you found success this year. Your new marketing plan should seek to address areas where you need better focus, such as if you didn’t get as many adults in Invisalign as you hoped you would or you would like more early intervention patients.

Be sure to put numbers to your goals so you have solid numbers to aim for. Don’t be afraid to be ambitious, but also don’t create goals that simply aren’t attainable. Missing any goal by a long shot is never motivating and can be demoralizing for your staff.

Create an Orthodontic Marketing Plan

Far too often, small businesses like orthodontic practices don’t create a real plan for their marketing, which means their marketing efforts don’t reap as many rewards. Creating a plan based on the goals you laid out will allow you to proportionately use your time and resources towards specific points of growth, maximizing your ROI.

For example, if you want to run more contests to gain new patients, you may want to start thinking about how to boost your social media presence. To achieve this, your plan might include running effective online advertising, automating your posting schedule, hiring a photographer, and spending more time on captions and responses.

And in the case of wanting to get more adults into the office to start Invisalign, you could come up with a plan to post more blogs about Invisalign or ramp up your email marketing campaigns regarding Invisalign.

Whatever the case may be, thinking ahead on how to achieve your goals for growth will be more than worth the effort.

Consider Your Marketing Budget

If you’re going to include a marketing plan for your orthodontic practice, you will need to allocate funds for it in your annual budget. Consider the money you have to set aside for marketing and what will get you the best ROI. Another thing you’ll need to figure out is whether your team is equipped to take on this type of work or if you should hire an agency.

Generally speaking, if your plan involves creating visual media or writing content, it’s wise to consider hiring an orthodontic marketing agency experienced in creating high-quality marketing collateral. This way, you won’t need to hire someone full-time who may not always have work to do or who turns out to not be reliable. When you work with an agency, you know you’re working with goal-oriented, creative professionals.

The new year is yours for the taking! Start creating your marketing plan for 2021, and you’ll boost your growth as an orthodontic practice.

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