The Talk Show Web Series for Orthodontists

OrthoThrive is a web series for doctors that features candid interviews with some of the brightest minds in the world of orthodontic marketing, sales and emerging technologies. Hosted by Ortho Sales Engine co-founder Richie Guerzon, the show provides a free platform for doctors to educate themselves and their teams.

An IMDb recognized talk show web series

Richie uses his trusted Marketing ROI calculator to help orthodontists know which metrics to measure, and whether their marketing strategy is cost effective

E1.18 | Determining Marketing ROI for an Orthodontic Practice

In this presentation, Richie Guerzon, co-founder of Ortho Sales Engine and Marketing Technology Director, uses our…

Amy Demas discusses the importance of excellent communication when it comes to front desk staff.

E1.16 | Getting Patients From the First Hello

Amy discusses phone metrics and what they can tell you about your practice, as well as…

Chip Fichter explains the benefits of having an invisible DSO for your practice

E1.15 | Is an Invisible DSO Right For Your Practice?

Chip explains the key differences between a traditional DSO and an Invisible DSO and how to…

David Harris of Prosperident offers advice on preventing and detecting embezzlement in orthodontic practices

E1.14 | Detecting Embezzlement In Your Practice

David identifies the various signs an employee may be stealing funds, discusses steps doctors can take…

Dr. Keith Dressler, founder of the messaging service Rhinogram, discusses the importance of effective and clear communication

E1.13 | Effective Patient and Team Communication During and After COVID-19

Dr. Dressler explains how to continue delivering high-quality care through virtual visits and check-ins. Plus, internal…

Erich Lipphard discusses experiential design and the benefits it can have on patients of your practice

E1.12 | Improving the Patient Experience with Experiential Design

Erich discusses the simple ways you can improve in-office patient experiences with the inclusion of experiential…

Dr. Brandon Owen sits down with Richie to discuss the introduction of digital custom braces

E1.11 | Scaling Your Practice with Digital Custom Braces

Brandon compares and contrasts traditional braces to digital custom braces, explains the ways custom braces can…

Dr. Mart McClellan offers advice for orthodontists on how to survive any and all financial crises

E1.10 | Surviving Any Financial Crisis (Even a Pandemic)

Mart shares his views on how the COVID-19 outbreak may affect our economy, explains how to…