Ruby's a second party live chat service that helps keeps engagement on your website

Ruby® Makes Orthodontic Chat Functions Shine

Having a chat function on your orthodontic website may feel like you’re cutting corners or skimping on personal service. But in fact, this quick way to connect with your practice without making an actual phone call is often more convenient for your patients and feels less like a commitment to your prospects. And it is even more satisfying to your website visitors when the chat is conducted by an actual person rather than a chatbot.

One company offering this service is Ruby, founded by a former receptionist, Jill Nelson (right). Nelson’s experience with answering phones and helping clients planted the seed for her big small business dream. She wanted to build personal connections for small businesses, and she has achieved this by creating an experience for website visitors, aka potential patients, that is more akin to an in-person conversation.

Providing a Personal Touch Amidst Growth

What started as a two-person operation has grown into a national company serving clients across the country. Fortunately, Ruby has been able to maintain its personal touch and high level of customer service. Their belief in the power of personal connections, and their continued dedication to being a friendly, professional extension of their clients’ teams have never wavered. They credit their employees, from their trainers and chat managers to their customer happiness department, as being the secret sauce to their success.

A Ruby rebrand has been in the works for the last nine months, and Nelson couldn’t be happier with the results.

“I am thrilled with the new brand and how it truly personifies a core belief we have at Ruby, which is ‘every moment matters.’ The big thing Ruby does is actually a hundred little things that add up to meaningful connections for our clients. In this technology-driven world, Ruby helps practices stand out by providing a real, human connection that builds long-lasting relationships.”

How Ruby Attracts and Retains Quality Employees

Ever since Ruby’s conception, Nelson has been focused on creating a work culture that fosters happiness, creates community, and organically produces the kind of service that orthodontists want for their current and future patients. Just as successful practices focus on the strengths of their staff members instead of trying to change them, Ruby values the fun, innovative qualities of their employees and allows them to shine in their own way. This positive environment leads not only to lower turnover, but also to quality customer service for their clients and their patients.

Looking Towards the Future

In the next 10 years, Ruby plans to continue serving small businesses in the best ways they can. They have already expanded their live chat specialists to fulfill the needs of their current clients, and where they go from here is completely dependent on what their clients need and what the market demands.

Says Nelson, “Our recent name change to just ‘Ruby’ gives us the ability to grow beyond our current services to help clients connect with patients. We want our clients to keep saying, ‘Wow! Ruby really gets me and my patients, and I’m proud to have them represent my business!’”

To learn more about Ruby’s live chat and other services, Call 866-611-RUBY or visit their website.