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Rebranding of an Orthodontic Practice Management System

Branding is important to any business, whether it’s an orthodontic practice or a software company. It tells people what you are about and gives them a glimpse of what they can expect with interacting with you, your team, and your products or services. While maintaining a consistent brand is important, even more important is a company’s willingness to freshen up their image and voice when needed.

Mike Ressel, CEO

Cloud 9 Software, a browser-based practice management system for orthodontics, pediatric dentistry, group practices, and dental and orthodontic service organizations, recently did just that.

Cloud 9 Software Brand Refresh

The Cloud 9 Software refresh entails a new logo, a new tagline, and an updated website. The brand makeover reflects the continuing positive evolution of Cloud 9, and it both modernizes and makes consistent the company’s visual identity. All of the choices made during the refresh process, from color and typography to imagery and langu

age, were carefully considered to ensure that each aspect of the brand communicates a consistent message that is aligned with the company’s core values.

Blu Nordgren, Marketing Communications

Practice at New Heights

One of the most noticeable changes is the new logo. “We wanted to give a stronger visual identity to the brand, which communicates our ideology and personality uniquely and more effectively,” says Mike Ressel, Chief Executive Officer. He continues, “with that goal in mind, I believe this new logo delivers in all respects.” The imagery of a kite symbolizes freedom, independence, youth, and fun.

Blu Nordgren, the designer behind the new imagery adds: “Our visuals should comprehensively convey that our browser-based products offer customers the freedom to practice from anywhere, on any device, and showcase that we are part of a niche industry which values joy and operates in an environment defined by cheer and positivity. Many different ideas were considered, but I think this final version captures everything we want our brand to communicate, while remaining clean and crisp in design.”

Original logo

In tandem with the logo update, the tagline is getting a new ring to it as well. The Cloud 9 tagline will be “Practice at New Heights.” This phrase connects effectively with the imagery of the kite being lifted into the clouds, as well as Cloud 9’s market position as the leading practice management system for orthodontists and pediatric dentists, and the only true cloud option available.

Does Your Practice Need to Be Rebranded?

If your practice has never had a truly cohesive brand, or your current brand is feeling a bit tired, it may be time for refresh. Just like Cloud 9 did, consider what the mission and personality of your practice are, what sets you apart from your competitors, and what appeals to your target market. This information can serve as the basis of your new brand, whether you create it yourself or get help from a marketing agency.

About Cloud 9 Software

Cloud 9 Software is a browser-based practice management system for orthodontics, pediatric dentistry, group practices, and dental and orthodontic service organizations. Their advanced multitasking capabilities and streamlined tab structure improves staff productivity, increases user efficiency, and minimizes workflow stages. Headquartered in Roswell, Georgia, Cloud 9 currently serves more than 2,000 locations with millions of patients combined. Discover more at www.cloud9.software.