Put Automated Emails to Work for Your Practice

It’s been said that the best kind of job is one that doesn’t feel like work. Well, sometimes the best work is no work at all. The age of automation in the office is here, and you can use it to your advantage to provide better communication and service for your leads and current patients. If you haven’t already, now is the time to set up automated emails for your orthodontic practice

How Automated Emails Benefit Your Office

While on the surface it may seem like automating some of your emails would simply be done to make things easier, there’s a lot of intention that goes into automating your emails. When competing with other orthodontic practices within the same market, time is of the essence. One factor that continues to become more important for patients when choosing an orthodontist is speed. Because of this, the ability to respond first is a huge advantage for your office. 

When a new lead provides contact information by filling out a form or clicks on a website, you can set up an automated email to provide them with further relevant information based on their action. This creates a personalized touch to your email while reducing the anxiety of waiting for someone from your office to respond, making the lead feel more comfortable with your practice right off the bat. 

These sorts of automated emails can have the same beneficial effect in the long run as well. Even if a lead doesn’t respond or follow up right away, you can send automated newsletters to your leads with helpful information that’s relevant to them. For example, if they filled out a form on a page about WildSmiles, you can put them on a list for parents with younger kids. These people will probably find value in receiving emails about related topics like colored bands and Mascot Braces on a regular basis and this information could prompt them to choose your office over others. 

Obviously, you could do all of these things without automation, but the process would be incredibly tedious. Automating these types of follow up emails by segmenting your contacts into the right lists and carefully setting up your content will allow you to deliver communication that’s both prompt and personalized without exhausting your staff. 

Email Automation Tools

Most patient management systems or CRMs aren’t going to come with an email automation tool, so you’ll need to find the right automation system to send out your emails. However, Hubspot is an example of a CRM that allows you to schedule your emails in advance, create marketing emails with helpful templates, and send drip campaigns based on user activity. Another favorite for many email marketers is Constant Contact, which has a smooth scheduling system and allows you to automatically generate emails for special occasions like birthdays.


Start brainstorming with your office staff about ways you can automate your emails and send personalized content to specific patient personas. When you come up with a strategy, you can pick the email automation tool that works best for you and start reaping the rewards of putting automated emails to work for you.

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