Patient tracking on OrthoTrac

Spotlight on CS OrthoTrac

When thinking of new ways to create the best experience for your patients, you’ll find streamlining your operations will go a long way. When administrative tasks can be taken care of quickly and easily, it frees up you and your staff to provide better care for your patients while investing more time into marketing your orthodontic practice. One great tool you can use to optimize your operations at your orthodontic office is CS OrthoTrac.

What Is CS OrthoTrac?

CS OrthoTrac is a software from Carestream Dental designed to make scheduling, patient-tracking, billing, and other tasks far easier for orthodontic office staff. With clever automated functions, an intuitive user interface, and simplified visuals, CS OrthoTrac is a system that makes your orthodontic practice run smoothly. There are two primary focuses of CS OrthoTrac that allow you to efficiently run your orthodontic office: flexible scheduling and patient tracking.

Flexible Appointment Scheduler

This function is easy to use, allowing you to find the optimal times to schedule your patients’ appointments. The automated system finds open times in your calendar, so you just have to pick the ones that work best for you and you’re good to go. Not only is this system accurate and built with your needs in mind, it also works using intuitive tactile functions, such as a clipboard feature that lets you “drop” options off to the side while you find just the right appointment time.

You can also drag and drop appointments once they’re created if you need to move appointment times around. You can also integrate this feature with other clinical or contact information for a quick, convenient look at factors that may play into creating an ideal schedule.

Patient Tracker

The patient tracking function of CS OrthoTrac allows your staff to easily stay updated on important patient information. Using a simple spreadsheet, they can get a quick look at appointment history, procedure codes, and automated correspondence. All of this is displayed on one screen in an organized and accessible manner.

Using the Patient Flow Module, you can quickly access a patient’s procedure history for any needs that come up with scheduling or concerns about changes to treatment. Using the Contact Expert Feature, you can create customized reports to track patients and clear up any confusion in your communication between staff members.

Using CS OrthoTrac, you can make sure your whole team stays up to speed with important information and is as productive as possible. This way, your patients will get more attentive care and your practice can realistically take on more patients with a higher satisfaction rate.

As you find yourself with more time on your hands and more patients, contact Ortho Sales Engine to learn how you can experience even more growth by refining your orthodontic marketing.