Product Spotlight: Cloud 9 Practice Management System

Running a successful orthodontist office requires using the tools at your disposal to improve your work practices, streamline your processes, and ultimately deliver a better experience for patients. Here at Ortho Sales Engine, we’re rooting for your success as an orthodontic practice. One such tool we’ve run across that can improve how you run your orthodontic practice is the Cloud 9 Practice Management System.

Cloud-Based Orthodontic Practice Management System

One of the main advantages of Cloud 9 is it can save you tons of money each year on IT costs. Since the data is stored offsite, there’s no need for you to have costly servers at your office. Not only does this save you money upfront, it also reduces your overhead costs in the long run. Rather than having to invest in updated IT equipment and maintenance, you can rest assured your data is safe in the cloud.

Flexible Enough to Use Anywhere

Cloud 9 is a browser-based software any staff with access can use from anywhere. Whether it’s a PC, desktop, tablet, or phone, staff can quickly get the information they need to best serve your patients. Since there is no need for physical backups, in-house servers, or new IT equipment, you can seamlessly build your patient load and add new locations while automatically being equipped.

Numerous Functions Available

Cloud 9 is a one-stop-shop for a wide variety of functions you need in your orthodontic office. This includes treatment-related tasks and functions that allow you to run an office with multiple staff members. You can render and view images, including X-rays and 3D models, and securely save patient data. You can also create a patient portal, auto-pay function, and check-in kiosk. When it comes to managing your office, Cloud 9 offers multiple scheduling templates, calendar management, interoffice chat, and more. You can even use Cloud 9 to help with some orthodontic marketing tasks, such as sending emails to patients and prospects.

Secure Cloud Storage

It’s understandable if you have concerns about the security of your patients’ information when storing it on a cloud-based management system. However, Cloud 9 is completely PCI-compliant, giving you peace of mind for your patients’ sake. Plus, even though you can set up an auto-pay option for your patients, no credit card information stays stored in the system.

Stay Updated Automatically

You don’t have to worry about keeping your software updated. Cloud 9 automatically updates your software for you in the data center, allowing you to always have the most updated tools and fastest speeds available. Quarterly updates are scheduled through 2021, with more updates in the works.

By taking advantage of this orthodontic practice management software, you can help your office thrive while creating a better experience for patients. When running your orthodontic practice, be sure to keep looking for new ways to boost your ROI and keep your patients happy.