E1.19 | Personalizing Patient Treatment with LightForce

Dr. Griffin discusses the most significant development in braces in decades. Learn how completely customizing treatment before it begins not only benefits patients, but also your team and yourself.

Featured guest

Dr. Alfred Griffin III | CEO, LightForce Orthodontics


As a growing orthodontic office, the last thing you should want to do is stay still. The latest developments in orthodontics offer patients more personalized treatment options than ever, providing you with a new way to stand out in your market. 

Would you rather get generic reading glasses or custom glasses that meet your specific needs? Would you rather have a custom-tailored suit or a suit that “mostly” fits? Custom braces from LightForce promise to create a new kind of orthodontic experience for patients with fully custom braces created with 3D scanning and printing technology. From the perspective of the patient, the selling point of custom braces made just for them is a major incentive to choose your practice over the competition.

Key Takeaways
  • Learn how Lightforce allows for mass customization in orthodontics
  • Discover how Lightforce's streamlined digital workflows meet orthodontists where they are
  • Understand the value of customization in the orthodontic industry
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