using orthobanc makes payments and finances easier for your practice

Spotlight on OrthoBanc®

When you have your own orthodontic practice, you’re always looking for ways to be more efficient and still put excellent patient care first. You need to save money but not sacrifice your patient’s treatment experience. Without the right partner, you could be wasting time, effort, and money trying to balance account management and cash flow. One great way to streamline your patient financial processes is to partner with OrthoBanc.

What Is OrthoBanc?

OrthoBanc is a full-service partner for orthodontic practices. From consultation to completion, their suite of tools will walk you through a patient’s entire financial lifecycle. Their solutions include risk review and payment plan recommendations, treatment and fee presentation, including digital treatment agreements, online and point-of-care down payment acceptance, payment management, and coming soon: insurance assessment for revenue optimization.

According to Marla Merritt, CMO of OrthoBanc, “We are in our 20th year of serving orthodontists and their responsible billing parties. When we started, hardly anyone was auto-drafting payments and some practices didn’t have access to the internet! While we have seen many changes throughout these 20 years, one thing has remained consistent—our customers’ desire to maintain strong relationships with their patients. We know those relationships can be damaged if we don’t provide quality service and we take this responsibility very seriously. Our patient-centered customer service model is always the first thing we teach our team members and we know this emphasis is the reason for our continued success.”

Tools for the Patient Financial Lifecycle

iMaxx, OrthoBanc’s insurance and revenue optimization solution, is coming soon. Practices will be able to organize the nuances of multiple in-network plans, streamline insurance verification calls, easily present savings, and track additional revenue as well as other key data.

ZACC, the Zuelke Automated Credit Coach, helps you assess potential payment plan risk without negatively impacting the responsible party’s credit score. Gain greater case acceptance by using ZACC to determine which patients are great candidates for flexible payment options.

AccepTx Pro provides professional treatment and fee presentation, making it easier for patients and responsible parties to understand their treatment options and find a payment plan that works for their budget while still meeting the needs of your practice. Treatment can be accepted in office or from home and paperwork is completed and signed electronically, saving your team time and money.

Breeze, OrthoBanc’s point-of-care solution, simplifies accepting down payments and single payments. They offer competitive rates that do not fluctuate based on the type of credit card being used.

Often times, the preferred method of payment for today’s responsible parties is automated drafting from a bank account or credit card. Automatic monthly drafts give patients peace of mind knowing their payments will be on time without having to remember to manually make them each time they are due.

With patients who opt out of automatic payments in favor of paying on their own, problems are often created. Orthodontic practices can end up with high delinquency rates, creating a massive cog in their cash flow and making it difficult to accurately budget.

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OrthoBanc provides payment management with unmatched customer care. This includes not only automatic, monthly payment drafting but also all failed payment follow-up, helping your staff avoid potentially awkward conversations with patients and responsible parties.

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