Orthodontic Marketing Campaign Management Explained

Each time you kick off a new marketing campaign, there’s a feeling of excitement and anxiety that goes along with it. Will the results be worth the investment? Will you get an onslaught of new appointment bookings? Make the most of your marketing campaigns with proper management.

What is Marketing Campaign Management?

When it comes to understanding what marketing campaign management is, it’s helpful to discuss what a marketing campaign is. While your orthodontic practice is constantly marketing itself with the aim to gain new patients, marketing campaigns are marketing efforts aimed at promoting something specific, whether you’re offering special discounts, running a giveaway, or starting to offer a new product or service.

It could also be that you’re making a concerted effort to boost the awareness of your practice, whether it’s by running a paid social media campaign, running a new radio spot, or installing a billboard at a new location. When running a marketing campaign, there’s more at stake, the goals are loftier, and your focus is more tailored than usual.

Because of this, your marketing campaign needs highly intentional management. Put simply, marketing campaign management is the goal-setting, planning, implementation, and analysis of a campaign.


From the onset of your marketing campaign, there should be a specific goal in mind. Perhaps you’re trying to get more college students to book more appointments, or you’re trying to get more patients to follow your Instagram page. Whatever you isolate as a need for your orthodontic practice, your marketing campaign should be designed to meet this need.


When planning a new campaign, you’ll need to weigh the options available to you. Part of this will involve looking back at previous campaigns you’ve run and analyzing the results. Of course, if you’re partnering with an orthodontic marketing firm, They will be able to use past successes to help plan a marketing campaign around proven methods.


The creation and implementation of your marketing campaign will likely involve several elements, including written copy, graphics, and different forms of digital targeting if your marketing campaign is online. When bringing all of these elements together, you’ll want to make sure you’re staying on brand, staying focused on your set goal, and that the quality of each element doesn’t have a hint of compromise.


After executing a marketing initiative based on your goals and plan, you’ll need to track the success of the campaign. If your campaign is digital, you can look at online analytics to check important conversion data, such as how many people booked an appointment, if you boosted sales of a product, or if you gained followers. Depending on the type of campaign, you will be able to pivot your marketing campaign to better reach your goals if your analytics indicate something isn’t working.

By carefully using marketing campaign management through each step of your campaign, you’ll give yourself the best chances of maximizing your ROI and increasing patient starts.