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E1.08 | More Starts, Less Selling: The Persuasion of Inbound Marketing

Richie Guerzon, co-founder of Ortho Sales Engine, explains the differences between inbound and outbound marketing, how to get new patients without selling, and best practices for using inbound marketing to grow your practice.

Featured Presenter

Richie Guerzon | Co-founder, Ortho Sales Engine



Inbound marketing, like SEO, is about playing the long game. While it doesn't achieve immediate results like online advertising, it grows the value of your website and brand with every new piece of content. An effective inbound marketing campaign can make your business more attractive to your target audience by providing personalized content they will love. It's about identifying your ideal patients using buyer personas and creating content that attracts them like a magnet to your brand.

If done correctly, not only will it attract your preferred buyer personas, but it will move them through the buyer’s journey and help convert more of them into patients. It's all about understanding who you want your new patients to be, serving them by delivering truly valuable information they need when choosing an orthodontist, and nurturing those leads so they choose you when it's time to make a decision.

Key Takeaways

  • Create buyer personas
  • SEO is important
  • Base content on the buyer's journey
  • Write down all patient questions
  • Embrace video
  • Nurture leads
  • Measure success

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