E2.08 | Mastering Patient-Pending Outreach

Chris Criner, Vice President of Sales for Practice Catapult makers of OrthoCatapult, talks about the benefits of OrthoCatapult along with the topics of case presentation, close rate, and patient follow-up.

Featured guest

Chris Criner | Vice President of Sales, Practice Catapult


The orthodontic industry has never before experienced the rate of change or the competitive pressure it’s currently experiencing. Whether it is the dramatic growth of DSOs, shrinking birth rates, or millennials’ preference for limited office visits or at-home treatment, it is safe to say private orthodontic practices have never experienced a time where practice growth requires doing everything well in order to remain successful. How does this affect case presentation and close rate?

Key Takeaways
  • The benefits of OrthoCatapult
  • Case presentation
  • Close rate
  • Patient follow-up
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