Make Your Orthodontic Practice Stand out on Social Media

Finding success on social media is one of the main pillars of any company’s modern-day marketing strategy. But with such a high saturation of content, figuring out how to make your social media accounts stand out needs to be a focal point of your social media marketing efforts. By creating pages with a distinctive visual layout, you’ll see your social media accounts gaining more traction and earning more engagement.

Why Social Media Design Matters

While it’s always important to use strategies to make your social media accounts easily discoverable by making good use of hashtags, you’ll want to ensure your pages immediately appear worth following. Users tend to be picky with what they want on their social media feeds and are prone to making quick judgments on whether or not to follow new pages.

Overly cluttered social media pages with weak branding will get high bounce rates. But when account managers take the time to make a social media page instantly visually appealing, the page will be far more likely to gain a good following.

Important Elements of Social Media Design

Effective social media design begins with having a strong brand. Your brand identity should shine through in every post you make but it should also be easily apparent when looking at your social media pages as a whole. By coming up with a consistent color scheme and design, it will be easier for your social media pages to evoke your brand.

Once you land on your core design philosophies, you’ll want to be strategic with your posts. For instance, if you have a color scheme picked out, try to space out your Instagram posts carefully to create some symmetry and to make it so all of your main colors are clearly visible as soon as users discover your page.

The types of photos you include should also feel cohesive. For orthodontic practices, you’ll likely have a combination of patient photos, behind the scenes photos with staff, and photos that look more professional. You should do your best to space these out with intentionality and ensure that you consistently use similar color correction or photo-editing techniques to maintain your consistent look.

When it comes to your Facebook page, the design of your profile, including your cover photo, bio section, and profile photo, will be more important compared to other social media platforms. Since you want your page to stay recognizable, it’s recommended to keep these photos simple and to ensure they stay on brand when you change them.

Tools for Social Media Design

One helpful way to make sure your social media accounts all look neat and polished is to take advantage of social media templates. You can find thousands of free social media templates on several platforms, so you shouldn’t have any trouble finding one that works well for your brand.

Outsourcing your social media management and design to a team of creatives will also go a long way in making your social media pages stand out from the crowd and earn you new patients.

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