Lead Magnet

Lead Magnets and How They Help Your Orthodontic Practice

In today’s competitive business landscape, standing out from the crowd can sometimes be a difficult task. For orthodontic practices, having local competition that uses effective marketing initiatives and brand awareness can make acquiring new business harder than it should be. There is where the power of lead magnets truly shines.

What Is a Lead Magnet?

A lead magnet is designed to be precisely what it sounds like: a solution for attracting new business leads. But how is this done?

Lead magnets can take several different forms, all of which are designed to identify and engage with prospective customers and develop business databases. Lead magnets create an incentive for potential patients to provide pertinent information about themselves and their orthodontic needs. These magnets can be in the format of free consultations, informative content pieces or promotions.

Why Should Businesses Invest in Lead Management?

Lead management tools and services are an excellent way for business owners and practices to create useful prospect lists while learning valuable insights about their patient base. More importantly, an accurate and well-established lead list affords your practice the ability to create highly targeted marketing campaigns and promotional initiatives that significantly improve business revenue and profitability.

Example of Effective Lead Magnets

There are several different ways you can effectively incorporate a lead magnet solution into your business. Here are a few to consider:

Ebooks and White Papers

Downloadable content in the form of ebooks or white papers is a great way to extract customer data before giving them access to the information. While the content on its own may not seem like it provides enough incentive to attract new leads, by creating a sense of urgency with a “you’ve got to read this” type of call to action, you would be surprised how much new business you can acquire.

Surveys and Quizzes

In some cases, content on its own will not be enough to draw in new clients. By creating a more interactive lead magnet in the form of fun surveys or quizzes, you may find potential prospects more likely to share their information to partake in them. These quizzes can be informative in nature, but should also provide value to the participant, possibly in the form of discount incentives or promotional offerings upon completion.

Using Digital Marketing and Sales Lead Tools

When deciding on investing in lead magnet and business marketing solutions, it’s vital that you incorporate useful tools and services to automate your processes. Ortho Sales Engine is a modern digital marketing and sales lead solution explicitly designed for orthodontist practices looking to scale their businesses fast. Besides lead generation and nurturing, Ortho Sales Engine is designed to support all of your business marketing efforts and workflow automation, including content generation, detailed analytics and reporting, and awareness and branding campaigns.

If you’re looking to increase your email marketing efforts while nurturing new prospect leads for your business practice, call now for a free 15-minute consultation with Ortho Sales Engine to see if our solutions are right for you.