Is Your Orthodontic Website Full of Cookie-Cutter Content?

One of the keys to making the website for your orthodontic practice appealing to new visitors is to consistently post new content. However, there are a lot of businesses, including orthodontic practices, that prioritize frequency and quantity to a fault. Too many orthodontic websites post content that is essentially recycled from other orthodontic websites, resulting in “cookie-cutter” content that is unoriginal. While the content itself may be solid, the fact that it lacks originality is a problem for many reasons.

How to Find Out if Your Content Is Recycled

It’s very possible the content you’re getting from your marketing firm is recycled content. How can you tell? One way is to use Copyscape. While Copyscape offers a paid subscription, their free service is all you need for this task. Simply copy the URL of one of your website pages and paste it into Copyscape. The free version will show you the top 10 results of pages with content the same or similar to yours.

Did you see any results pop up after pasting some of your links? That’s your cue to cut the cord and find a new partner for your marketing content.

Unoriginal and Uninspired

The internet is full of cookie-cutter content that can grow tiresome very quickly. When people search a topic only to find the same title over and over again with content that is indistinguishable from the last source, they don’t exactly feel like their time is being spent well.

Posting recycled content is also a quick way to lose credibility as a practice when the content on your website looks like it was copied and pasted right into your blog. After all, it would only make sense that you would be able to post original content as a trustworthy orthodontic practice.

Plus, the large population of the millennial generation who have kids who are now candidates for orthodontics, can detect unoriginality from a mile away. To truly inspire readers and encourage them to use your practice for their orthodontic treatment, your content needs to be original and engaging.

Google Doesn’t Like Cookie-Cutter Content

Many people use recycled content as a shortcut to pack their website full of content. Unfortunately, this ends up being a shortcut to nowhere since Google (the search engine you really want to show up on) prioritizes unique content in its algorithm rather than recycled content. You may be using all of the right buzzwords and talking about relevant topics, but your post will end up being buried underneath all the other blogs that say the same thing. So even if you are targeting your specific area thinking it will mask the unoriginality of your content, your post still won’t do well if it is recycled.

Original Content from Ortho Sales Engine

At Ortho Sales Engine, shortcuts aren’t our thing. We live for originality, creativity, and genuine ingenuity. Our clients get blog posts, web page copy, and social media content that takes inspiration from worthy sources and uses real human insight to find fresh perspectives that stand out against uninspired, recycled content. Your hard-working orthodontic practice deserves marketing that drives real growth while effectively communicating your specialties, philosophy, and unique identity.

Ortho Sales Engine specializes in marketing solutions for orthodontists, combines more than 20 in-house services to create customized, repeatable marketing systems, and serves as a trusted partner to doctors and their teams. To learn more or schedule a free consultation, visit