Is In-House or Outsourced Marketing Better for Your Orthodontic Practice?

Do you need someone to help with your company’s marketing to improve your advertisements, online presence, or redo your website?

One option is hiring employees for an in-house marketing department. This could easily include a marketing strategist, content creator, and graphic designer. The other option is hiring a marketing firm to take care of all your company’s needs.

While keeping your marketing in-house seems like it would give you more control, hiring experts to handle all the different facets of marketing can be costly. A marketing firm is usually much more equipped and has a more diverse set of skills to take care of your advertising needs.

What’s the Cost Difference?

You might think hiring an employee to do all of your marketing is the easiest and most effective method to meet your practice’s needs but that’s not exactly correct.

According to Fractl, keeping an in-house marketing team is much costlier than hiring a marketing firm on a monthly retainer. This makes sense when you think about everything you have to provide for a new employee: base salary, federal and state taxes, health insurance, retirement plan, vacation, sick days, etc.

You’ll also have the additional cost of physical office space and equipment for your employee or employees. Computers, phones, software, desks, and chairs add up quick. By using a marketing company, the cost you pay monthly is for an entire professional team. You don’t have to pay them individually or cover their benefits.

How Do Time and Efficiency Compare?

Time equals money, especially when you’re hiring someone new or expanding your team. You want to make sure you get the right people to perform at the highest standard for your practice.

With new inside hires, you have to set aside time for training and allow a grace period for them to learn the ins and outs of the company. Productivity for a new hire is unfortunately only at 25% capacity for the first month.

You also might have to deal with the experience of a bad hire. Approximately 41% of companies report having a bad hire that cost them over $25,000.

A marketing company does not require new-hire training – it’s their job to work fast and know their specific accounts. They also understand your market. Specialized marketing companies like Ortho Sales Engine have made it their top priority to service orthodontists only.


Who Has More Experience and Knowledge?

Marketing firms lend themselves to a strongly planned team with a diverse set of skills. With a marketing firm, you’ll hit two birds with one stone. Or four or five. You’ll be able to get not only a marketing consultant and strategist, but their whole team of content creators, account managers, SEO specialists, graphic designers, and more.

If you just hired internally, you might get one or two people with a broad set of skills, which can be helpful, but wouldn’t you want people who are specialized in specific areas to take care of your business?

Marketing firms are always following and implementing the newest digital developments, while most in-house marketers don’t have enough time or manpower to follow all the new trends.

In the end, the answer is simple. Marketing firms give you a higher return on investment by allowing you to pay less and get more.

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