E2.03 | Increasing Your Invisalign First Cases

Dr. Laura Milnor, owner of Milnor Orthodontics in Fort Collins, Colorado, talks about how practices can increase their Invisalign First cases and the best ways to do so.

Featured guest

Dr. Laura Milnor | Milnor Orthodontics


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Invisalign is a revolutionary orthodontic option that changed the landscape of orthodontics more than 20 years ago. The introduction of Invisalign’s newest innovation—Invisalign First—has some doctors wondering if it will find the acceptance needed by parents to be a success. 

Dr. Milnor discusses her positive experience with this new treatment for Phase I cases and how doctors can increase their younger patient load with this unique option.

Key Takeaways
  • The financial benefits of increasing Invisalign First cases
  • How to transition to more Invisalign First cases
  • Conditions Invisalign First can treat
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