How to Track Your Orthodontic Marketing Success

Your marketing endeavors for your orthodontic practice will all be in pursuit of your best ROI. So, once you’ve put in the “I” portion, it only makes sense to want to know what the “R” is. Here are some good metrics to pay attention to when tracking the success of your marketing channels.

Sales Numbers

Let’s start with the most obvious way to measure your success as a business. If you’re seeing your sales numbers grow, your marketing strategies are clearly working in some form or another. However, sales numbers alone aren’t going to give you much direction when it comes to which marketing strategies are working best and which ones you need to refine.

To dig deeper into how well your marketing channels are performing, you’ll need to analyze each one individually. Sales numbers take too long to increase after you make a change to your marketing strategy to definitively attribute that growth to any specific effort, but you can analyze other metrics to determine their success with more accuracy.

Social Media

As you post content on your social media platforms and experience engagement, your aim is to build trust with your audience on a more human level while gaining more exposure. An easy way to determine whether or not your social media campaigns are successful is to see if you are gaining followers and to see how many comments you get on your posts. When you include links to your website on your social media platforms, you can also track analytics to see if your posts get people to click to your website to complete a desired action.

Web Traffic

Similarly, you can keep track of how much traffic your website is getting by using analytics. As you send emails, post on social media, and use blog content to boost your SEO, you can measure each of these channels’ success by seeing if more visitors browse your website. You can also search your SEO keywords terms to see if they are working in getting your website to climb in search engine rankings.


If you find your email list is growing, this is another clear sign your website, social media platforms, and other ways you gather email addresses are working well. When you implement your email marketing campaigns, you determine their success by seeing how many people click each email and how many people follow the links included in the emails.

Google Analytics

You can easily track multiple analytics by signing up for Google Analytics, a free platform that lets you track tons of insightful information. Not only can you see the actions people are taking through your various digital channels, but you can also visualize data to make it easier to interpret and easier to use. As you track this data, you can see what strategies are performing well and which areas you need to adjust. By tracking your marketing success this way, you can optimize your marketing strategies quickly and maximize your ROI.

Marketing that isn’t increasing leads or patients is a waste of time and money. Make sure you’re getting the most out of your marketing investment!