How to Stay Consistent with Your Orthodontic Marketing Strategy

Running a successful orthodontic practice takes a team of dedicated professionals who can work together to meet the needs of each patient. Between all of the aspects that go into making this happen, it can be easy for your marketing to be secondary. But if you’re going to reach your best level of success, you’ll need to invest significant time and effort into marketing your orthodontic practice. Effectively marketing your orthodontic practice doesn’t just happen by paying attention to it here and there. It takes a solid strategy you can stick to.

Decide Whether to Have a Marketing Team or Hire a Marketing Firm

One major decision you’ll need to make is whether to hire a marketing team or to outsource your marketing. Both options have their positives and negatives.

While hiring a marketing person allows you to have someone dedicated to handling your marketing needs in-house, it may be somewhat difficult to manage when it comes to your budget. You’ll have to pay a competitive salary and offer benefits to an additional employee, and their workload may fluctuate depending on the season. Plus, even though you’re clearly intelligent enough to start an orthodontic practice, it’s hard to be a good judge of which marketing person to hire when you’re not a marketing expert yourself. However, what you definitely shouldn’t do is simply hope other staff members have time to get around to helping with marketing.

If you’re going to stay consistent with your marketing strategy and you don’t want to hire a full-time marketing employee, you’ll want to choose an orthodontic marketing firm. This way, you’ll have access to a full team of marketing experts who can deliver high-quality marketing when you need it, all at a lower cost than hiring a new staff member.

Consistently Lay Out Goals

Your marketing strategy will be a shot in the dark unless you know which goals to strive for and clearly lay them out. In addition to tracking sales numbers regularly, pay attention to your analytics. Figure out which digital platforms need improvement and how to play up the ones that are performing well. Using these insights, lay out new goals for your orthodontic marketing and create a marketing plan aimed at reaching those goals.

Determine Which Parts Can Be Automated

One way you can stay consistent with your marketing is to take some of the routine workload off your shoulders. By automating some of the process, you ensure there are areas of your marketing that are always covered, no matter what. Some ways you can do this include automating your emails, scheduling blog posts and social media posts in advance, and investing in a chat bot feature on your website. These strategies of course aren’t going to replace the human element, but they can help keep your marketing consistent.

As you continue to invest in a consistent marketing strategy, you can continue to propel the growth of your orthodontic practice forward.