How to Make a Video for Your Orthodontic Practice

No matter the industry, video is an effective tool for marketing, and this is certainly true when it comes to marketing your orthodontic practice. Videos capture people’s attention, effectively communicate information, and create retention in a way  you can’t afford to miss out on. Whether it’s on social media, your landing pages, or part of your blogs, video content is always a good investment. That being said, what actually goes into making an orthodontic marketing video

Start with a Goal

The first step for your video production should start the same way any marketing campaign begins: with a clear goal to achieve. Your video shouldn’t just be made for the sake of having video content. Dig into your analytics and your current patient list to identify areas where you need to grow. Once you’ve come up with a clear goal you want your video to achieve, tailor your campaign to meet that goal. 

Write a Script

Since your video will have a specific purpose, you should start the production by writing a script. Some people underestimate the importance of a script, but it is essential in guiding the production of the video while speeding things along. Your video script will be quite a bit different from a blog post or even web page copy. Keep the language concise and clear and make sure the tone is conversational. The writing will supplement the visuals, so you don’t get bogged down by including a lot of in-depth information. 

Use the Right Equipment

Getting high-quality visuals for your video is easier than ever. If you are shooting a vlog for social media, you can often even get away with simply using your smartphone. Larger productions, like an office introduction that lives on your landing page, can be made well using DSLR cameras. The trickier part of video is often capturing good audio. A general rule of thumb to follow is to never trust the built-in microphone on any camera, even if it is a high-quality piece of equipment. This is especially true when it comes to orthodontic videos, since people appreciate clear sound when watching educational videos. If there will be lots of movement in the shot, having a lavalier mic, the kind that is wired onto the subject, will capture sounds clearly. For shots with less movement, you may be able to capture quality audio with a shotgun mic. 

Have Consent Forms for Any Patients Involved

One great strategy to use for video production for your orthodontic practice is to make demo videos that show how certain procedures and adjustments are done. This can give potential patients a clear view into your processes and make them feel more at ease about getting treatment. But due to HIPPA laws, you’ll need to make sure any patients you film complete and sign consent forms. 

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