How to Create an Effective Homepage

You’re striking all the right chords with your audience on social media, getting clicks on your blog posts, and gaining traction with your email lists. But, how’s your website’s homepage looking? For many potential patients, this is where the rubber finally meets the road. They find your homepage and are ready to make a quick decision on whether or not to venture further. So, what do they decide? It largely depends on how well you’ve set up your website’s homepage. Here is a quick guide on how to make your homepage generate as many conversions as possible.

Make Your Contact Information Clearly Visible

Some potential patients may visit your website’s homepage wanting to explore a little bit, but a large portion is ready to cut to the chase and talk to someone. It shouldn’t take any amount of digging through your homepage to find your contact information, whether the user is on a desktop or a mobile device. The number they need to call or the email address they need to use should be clearly visible within a couple of seconds of them reaching your homepage. You don’t want to make it gaudy and in your face, but it should be very easy to find so your potential patients don’t feel like their time is being wasted and decide to leave.

Keep Things Organized

When you do get visitors to your website who want to explore, it doesn’t mean they want to get lost. Each section of your website should be clearly laid out with simple labels that allow different types of potential patients to find just what they need within a few seconds. One great way to lay out each section is by patient types, with a tab for adults, teens, and children. Having a section that opens up a small menu for treatment types will also help patients find out if you offer what they are looking for. A good way to avoid clutter while making different sections visible is to have a scrolling banner with different links they can click to, such as an appointment schedule tool, downloadable brochure, or financial assistance page.

Have a Chat Function Available

People looking for contact information may be pleasantly surprised when they notice a little chat box they can use to talk to someone right away. This function is incredibly helpful since not everybody is super excited about talking on the phone. It’s also a lot easier for the person responding to multitask when they are talking in a chat box than on the phone, and the same goes for the potential patient on the other end. Chat boxes are a quick and convenient way to answer questions to a potential patient and earn their business before the competition.

Use Video

Strategic keyword integration and link-building are great SEO strategies to use, but many people don’t realize just how effective adding video to their homepage is when it comes to boosting their rankings. Google’s algorithm prioritizes pages with videos, making it a powerful strategy to rank well. Plus, video is always a great way to engage your audience compared to other mediums. It simply grabs people’s attention better than any headline, image, or slogan can and it leaves a more lasting impression. By investing in a well-made video summarizing the key elements of your practice, you can gain a significant edge over other practices.

Throughout the various sections of your attractive, organized, and functional orthodontic website, include clear CTAs that guide users to learn more about your practice and to schedule a consultation to get a firsthand glimpse of what you’re all about.

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