Hiring an In-House Marketing Person vs. a Marketing Firm

As an orthodontic office, you’ll need to get the word out there about your practice, which will require implementing good orthodontic marketing practices. While you’re certainly an expert in your field when it comes to orthodontics, you can’t be expected to be an expert in marketing too. If you’re going to effectively market your orthodontic practice, you’ll need to invest in others to do your marketing for you. There are essentially two choices you have: hire a marketing person to have on staff, or contract with a marketing firm. So, which one is right for your practice? 

Benefits of Hiring a Marketing Person

There are some unique benefits you’ll get from hiring a marketing person to have on staff for your practice. For one, you’ll have someone only working for you, who is able to become familiar with your client base, your values as a practice, and your goals for the future. It can also be helpful to have someone readily available for quick adjustments or concept ideation if urgent needs come up. 

Downsides of Hiring a Marketing Person

If you’re going to hire a marketing person, there are some notable disadvantages. Hiring one person to handle all aspects of each of your marketing channels will be relatively expensive. Someone who can realistically build and continually strengthen all of your marketing channels could even demand a six figure salary in some markets, not including benefits, bonuses, and expected vacation time that come with a full-time salary position. Yes, these things would all be well-deserved, but you’ll need to ask yourself if this investment will give your practice the best return.

The Advantages of Contracting with a Marketing Firm

When you contract with an orthodontic marketing firm, it’s easy to think they won’t be quite as invested in your success as someone on your staff would be. However, clients are the bread and butter of marketing firms, and there is often more motivation to deliver excellent marketing strategies and success than if you were to rely on someone in-house. 

Plus, when you contract with a marketing firm, you get a whole pool of marketing people who are experts in their own fields instead of expecting one person to do it all. This aspect of hiring a marketing firm has a few distinct advantages. For one, your marketing materials are likely to be better quality since they will be the result of a team effort. 

You’ll also find you have more availability from a marketing firm. People at marketing firms will get vacation time, but the whole marketing firm won’t ever be on vacation at the same time (with the exception of some holidays), so there will always be people on hand to deliver marketing materials to you when needed. These factors will significantly boost your ROI since you’ll be spending less money by contracting with a marketing firm compared to an in-house marketer while likely getting better results. 

To give your practice growth a boost, choose a marketing firm with proven results and that offers multiple ways to enhance your marketing materials all across the board.

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