E2.17 | Exploring HIPAA and PCI Safeguards

Danielle Mckinley, Founder of the HIPAA Chick and founding member of PCIHIPAA, talks about cyber security, risk mitigation, HIPAA and PCI compliance, and what they mean for a practice.

Featured Guest

Danielle Mckinley | Founder, The HIPAA Chick



Businesses have always faced different kinds of risk, but in the last two decades, cyber risk has become one of the fastest-growing threats to businesses today. That includes orthodontic practices. Today we’re talking about cyberterrorism, HIPAA and PCI compliance, and risk mitigation with a risk management expert.

Key Takeaways

  • Cybersecurity methods
  • The importance of risk mitigation
  • The three parts of risk management
  • Common misconceptions


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