Do Your Orthodontic Practice Signs Attract Patients?

We are living in the digital age, and have been for some time now. Many businesses, including orthodontic practices, are focusing more and more attention on various forms of digital marketing collateral. Marketing strategists are right in making this shift since so much interaction and commerce happens in the digital space. However, orthodontic practices that neglect traditional marketing techniques will end up missing out on new patients. One of the most effective traditional marketing materials is the use of signs.

Why Signs Are Important

With so much of our lives happening in front of a screen these days, it’s easy to forget there are people driving and walking right outside your door. Having effective signage is a great way to establish your presence where you’re located, which can be a powerful tool for long-term success.

Some people may not be looking for an orthodontist quite yet, or have only just started thinking about seeking treatment for themselves or their kids. Having attractive signs is a way to bring your business into their awareness before they even begin searching online.

Having effective signs also puts your messaging in the middle of where people conduct their daily lives, giving you another type of exposure.

How to Make Effective Signs

When it comes to making good signs for your orthodontic practice, being clear and concise is everything. This is the truest of signs that are visible from the road. Every orthodontic office may be different in terms of how visible it is from the roadway. If your office is tucked around a corner, invest in lawn signs that drivers can see driving by and walkers can easily spot. Be sure to check the local laws and make your signs are as large as allowed to maximize their visibility. You should also hang up signs on your windows, both for people who walk up to your office and for people driving by.

Generally speaking, you should have two types of signs: one for drivers and one for walkers. Signs for drivers will need to be very concise and readable within a few seconds. The number of words should very minimal to make sure drivers can safely read the whole thing in a quick glance. Stick to ultra-clear calls to action and selling points like “Get Free Assessments Here” or “We Offer Invisalign.” Both of these give people a reason to choose your office without displaying a full manifesto.

While many people think using all capital letters to makes a message more visible, it actually ends up making signs less readable. People tend to read faster when they can distinguish the shape of a word that is spelled with both uppercase and lowercase letters. Keep your sign on-brand as much as possible, but make sure there is plenty of contrast between the words and the background. Adding a border around the words helps make signs more readable as well.

Orthodontic Signs for Walkers

For people passing by on foot, your signs should still be concise, but you can afford to include more information, such as details about any awards you have won or unique products you offer. These signs work well when they include an attention-grabbing headline, a short sub-header that explains what you’re highlighting about your practice, and a clear call to action. Don’t overload your windows with signs, but include them on multiple sides of your office if you have them.

Creating clear, on-brand signs for people who encounter your practice when passing by can be a great addition to your marketing strategy and can get you those extra new patients.